Agenda bold font

Copyright DsgnHaus, Inc. You are not permitted to alter the Font Software in any manner whatsoever. If you purchase a basic License, this License allows use of the Font Software by not more than the default number of Users identified on the shopping cart page and at one 1 geographic location unless otherwise agreed to in writing by FONTHAUS.

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Agenda | Adobe Fonts

Each font style has glyphs and the whole set contains characters which support Latin-based languages. Copying and distribution to commercial printers or service bureaus is limited to those who clearly state that they are duly licensed to use the Font Software.

Agencies responsible for multiple clients' Websites, for example web design agencies or hosting providers, may not share a single Webfont license across multiple clients' Websites unless otherwise authorized by FontHaus.

You expressly acknowledge and agree that use of the Font Software is at your sole risk. You further agree that such damages cannot be readily estimated and that FONTHAUS shall be entitled, without the obligation of a bond, to seek a restraining order to prevent any unauthorized uses. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties and supersedes all previous agreements, promises, representations and negotiations between the parties. You are permitted to use the Fonts to make GIF, JPEG, and PNG pixel-based images for use on the Internet as part of a website design provided that the image creation is not automated, the images are made personally by a Licensed User and not generated by a server, and that no embedding or other transmission of the Font Software is made possible.

You are not permitted to embed the entire character set or substantially all of the character set comprising any Font that is subject to this License.

In the event you identify the Fonts used foont your products or work product, you hereby agree to identify the Font Software by name trademark and the owner of the trademark in any such credits. Under the technical direction of Peter Karow, this company led the world in developing digital font technology.

Use as a Webfont without the purchase of a special license.

Agenda Bold truetype font

The Licensed Webfont s may be used on any Website owned or controlled by the Licensee subject to Paragraph 14 below. Upon payment in full, FONTHAUS grants you a non-exclusive, terminable License to use the Font Software and the designs embodied therein together with any accompanying documentation, each in accordance with fot terms and conditions of this Agreement.

The Licensee may not use conversion or editing tools on the Licensed Webfont s.

You hereby agree that any PDF shall be made in a secure manner that allows only viewing and printing of the Fonf, and not the editing or alteration of the content. The Licensed Webfonts are the property of their respective owners.

Desktop In application font menus, this font will display: Fonts in the Adobe Fonts library include support for many different languages, OpenType features, and typographic styles.

Choose your preferred format below.

Agenda Bold Font

Large and capable, the series offers fifty-four versions of the design. By downloading the Font Software or opening the package, installing, copying, accessing flnt otherwise using the Font Software, you agree to be bound by the fonf of this Agreement. Learn more about language support Learn more about OpenType features.

A Primary Domain is the host name of a website's home page for example, not limitation: FONTHAUS will, at its sole discretion, either replace the Font Software or refund the Licensing fee in the event the Software does not perform substantially in accordance with the Documentation provided that any such claim is submitted within 30 days of purchase of this License.

You are not permitted to alter the Font Software in any manner whatsoever. The total traffic, measured in page views, of Websites on which the Licensed Webfont is used must be no greater than the number of page views per month specified in the receipt you received for the Licensed Webfont s.

Agenda-Bold font

If you wish to use the Font Software for such purposes, you must purchase a special license. Upon transfer of the Font Software, you are not permitted to retain copies for yourself, lend or otherwise provide copies of the Font Software to commercial printers or service bureaus. Primary Domains together with any associated Subdomains are collectively referred to as "Domains".

FontHaus is not responsible for any end user's computer or network performance.

As with everything from Adobe Fonts, you can use these fonts to publish:. Multi-user license hereinafter, "MUL". The Website may not enable or facilitate the Styled Content being used outside said Website, including but not limited to producing merchandise, PDF documents, image files, or personalized physical objects unless otherwise authorized by FontHaus.

The captions of the sections of this License Agreement are for convenience only and shall not control or affect the meaning or construction of any of the terms or provisions of this Agreement. You are not permitted to use the Font Software in connection with embedded font objects or by any other means that embed the Font Software for the purposes of displaying the Fonts on the Internet or on wireless Web browsers.

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