Air crash investigation

All of the 16 passengers and crew members are killed. All people on board are killed. The incident was attributed to a fuel leak caused by a bolt from the aircraft's right wing slat puncturing the right wing fuel tank. On 20 August , Spanair Flight stalls, banks to the right and crashes after a delay, killing of the people on board.

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Air Crash Investigation

Two more die later of injuries sustained during the crash. It was also discovered that the aural takeoff warning did not sound, invetigation for unknown reasons. Lokomotiv Yaroslavl plane crash. Only one air traffic controller was on duty covering two boards for that block of airspace at the time of the collision—his co-worker was on his coffee break.

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On 23 MarchAeroflot Flight stalls and crashes while en route to Hong Kongkilling all 75 people on board. Newest Episode Discussion Threads: Investigators determined that the pilots misinterpreted the stall as an engine failure and took no recovery action until it was too late. On 10 Junea cockpit window on British Airways Flight blows out, partially ejecting and injuring the captain through the hole.

Incorrect engine throttle settings upon landing caused one engine to reverse thrust while the other increased power, causing the aircraft to lose control. On 12 Maya car freight train goes out of control while descending from California's Cajon Pass.

Beechcraft C ; Flight The Legacy manages to make a safe landing at an airbase, but the Gol jet crashes with no survivors. The investigation found that the pilots were not properly trained on the aircraft type and mishandled it during takeoff.

West Caribbean Airways Flight Two residents and two train crew members are killed in the initial crash. NOVA investigates the worst aviation accident of all time.

Amid thick smoke from a forest fire, Garuda Indonesia Flight approached the airport on the island of Sumatra. Search Craxh are you looking for?

This special looked at how failures in communication lead to disasters. The cause of the fire is unknown.

Greek Ferry Disaster [n 1].

Air Crash Investigation | National Geographic - National Geographic

On 3 JanuaryFlash Airlines Flight banks to the right just after takeoff and crashes into the Red Seakilling all people on board. The cause of the crash was slush on the runway, which slowed the aircraft down and prevented it from reaching takeoff speed. The accident was caused by neither pilot making visual contact with the other invsstigation and ingestigation lack of automated collision warning systems. The causes of the crash were the aircraft deviating above the required approach path for its landing, touching down too far along the runway and the crew deploying the thrust reversers too invesfigation.

The subsequent investigation concluded that a surface-to-air missile caused the in-flight break-up. McDonnell Douglas DC ; light aircraft: British Airways Flight 9. On 22 Augustan engine of British Airtours Flight 28M fails during takeoff, puncturing a hole in the wing fuel tank and starting a fire.

Read on investjgation find out more about Air Crash Investigators and their important work. The crew tries to land back at the airport, but are unsuccessful.

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