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The inflection points of the adjusted curves corresponded to the moments in which the maximum rates of daily nutrient accumulation occurred. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the growth, accumulation and export of nutrients by the cultivar of yellow passion fruit cv. The Instituto Agronomico de Campinas IAC has concerned about rice production since , and the first successful hybridization in Brazil was done in February, Germek and Banzatto

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Showing the relation between these nutrients and their main areas of concentration, and possible use by passion fruit.

goletim The vertical strap was used with a wire, 2. The productivity verified in the experiment conducted in the dry farming condition, a traditional way bo,etim the studied region was The mineral nutrition is essential to increase yield and fruit quality of passion fruit. Oryza sativarice breeding, cultivar development. At 30, 60 and 90 days, 10 g of N, 15 g of N, 50 g of N ammonium sulfate were applied and 50 g of K2O potassium chloride only at 90 days.

Thus, in order to assist in the correct nutrients supply and update the recommendations, studies involving cultivars and cultivation techniques are necessary.

According to their agricultural behavior, yield potential, disease resistance and stability, IAC and IAC lines were selected and their corresponding cultivar names were designated as IAC and IACrespectively. The training fertilization recommended by Piza Junior et.

Journal of Applied PhysiologyBethesda,v. Crescimento vegetativo do maracujazeiro-amarelo em diferentes tipos e dosagens de biofertilizantes na forma liquida.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the plant growth, the nutrient accumulation and the exportation in plants of yellow passion fruit cv. With the sour passion fruit, Haag et jac.

Observou-se que os tratamentos tiveram efeito significativo, principalmente nos teores foliares de N e K. This recommendation varies according to the expected productivity for the N, P and K doses.

Accumulation and exportation of nutrients by yellow Passion fruit cv. IAC

The total accumulation in the plant was determined by the sum of the parts accumulation. Due to noletim presence of the fruit hardening virus, the previously transplanted iqc, with a height of 0. Yield was investigated in all trials, and potential for good grain production was shown by the selected lines when compared to the controls, included in the trials for reference.

In the field, the cover fertilization was done according to the recommendation of Piza Junior et al.

The total accumulation of dry mass by the plant was low at the beginning of the growing cycle up to DAS, accentuating with the fruits appearing. Tropical Agriculture, London, v. Breeding work in boletik rice has never been interrupted and a great number of crosses has been done through selection since then, resulting in the development of two interesting and potentially productive upland rice cultivars.

After the transplant, the plants were tutored with a plastic cord until the height of the wire, in a single stem.

Outros detalhes do experimento foram apresentados por Teixeira et al. The bolwtim productivity range was chosen due to the crop being conducted in the off-season 1st year of production.

For the P, considering the transformation of the quantity observed in P2O5 multiplying by 2. The technological level of the crop is still low, reflecting the national average productivity, which is Fitotecnia Accumulation and exportation of nutrients by yellow Passion fruit cv. This information needs updating, since it does not cover the currently available cultivars, more productive and with superior fruit quality.

The evaluations were carried out at intervals of 30 days, with the exception of DAS, until DAS, when there was a reduction in the bolehim necessary for the flowering of the passion fruit plant, closing the harvest.

Instituto Agronômico de Campinas - Centro de Solos e Recursos Ambientais

Grain quality was analyzed at IAC laboratories; amylose content was determined for the new cultivars, and concentrations of The data used in the comparison were established several years ago, where the cultivation system and cultivar were different, justifying a certain variation between them. The same was observed in the off-season 1st year of productionin a harvest period of only four months, due to what occurs in the harvest 2nd year where the harvest is carried out for a period of six to seven months.

IAC and IAC plants presented very good resistance to lodging, due mainly to their reduced height. The maximum estimated accumulation of magnesium Mg was Centro Nacional de Pesquisa de Solos, This fact is related to its low soil dynamics, together with its strong tendency to be fixed and to react with other components such as Fe, aluminum and Ca, among others, forming compounds of low solubility.

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