Crossing the ice

Josh and his sister Stephanie are their biggest competition… and their surprise training partners? He was my favorite. Crossing the Ice is a must read for fans of figure skating everywhere. He also has the patience of a saint to put up with his bitchy sister, Stephanie. I absolutely loved everything about Crossing the Ice.

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I thought he was simply adorable. I so love kisses. Books by Jennifer Comeaux.

You fall and you fall hard for these characters and soon you realize they are a part of you. Site by Chook Digital Agency.

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Crossing the Ice was funny, nerve-wrecking, sweet, and above all very entertaining. But as soon as I started reading, I quickly realized it was going to be the latter.

Courtney and Mark are trying their best to achieve their dream. This was my first book by Comeaux, but I know for certain it will not be my last.

He has liked Courtney for eight years. There were times I was sitting on the edge of my seat crosisng waiting for the scores to be revealed after a skate. I really liked these characters a lot! Courtney and Josh are near and dear to my heart: We get to see her journey in trying to make it to the Olympics along with her alon Big thanks to Jennifer for an ARC copy for review.

He is very unique from a lot of heros in that he is quiet and even a bit shy. It had me excited to see new love emerging, even if it was sort of forbidden.

Stephanie is your average rich girl- snobby, selfish and just a real bitch. I loved all the characters and am so excited to find out that this is also a series AND that there is another series prior to this with a young Courtney.

Crossing The Ice

I had so much fun writing it and falling in love with these characters: There was tension and joy and plenty of ups and downs. She was sweet and she loved completely and always tried her hardest to make everyone around her comfortable.

In particular the following people formed a crucial portion of the team that enabled us to complete this expedition. Then, I found myself biting my nails during the competition and experiencing the same kind of conflicted feelings that Courtney and Josh were battling.

The Edge series she wrote is one of my all-time favorites ever and I got absolutely giddy when I started reading this one. Except he can barely draw a stick figure. Pair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream.

Super sweet story about young love and going after your dreams. I absolutely loved the competition of the ice skating in this book. They've been through it all and in the end it just festered to a nasty head. They are close to each other because of what they do. I also really liked the characters. At the beginning of the expedition they weighed over kgs each. When Em said Josh Tucker and his sister would be training with her and her partner Mark, she was against i From an early age, Courtney Coulton dreamed of going to the Olympics,and she did work hard at it and even was a bartender at a local restaurant to pay her bills and save for her dream since her mom and dad were middle class workers and had spent a lot of money on her training for years.

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Courtney had agreed to live with her coach since it was so much easier than commuting to Boston everyday. I didn't care for the sister at all. Her look into the world of competitive skating was both interesting and very fun!

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