360 content manager 3.0

Fixed size labels on upload screen, all sizes listed in MB now. I will be continuing to add tools to this thread at request and when I have more free time. Latest Xbox Downloads Aurora v0. All of these were on my list. Fixed bug in display of Console ID.

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Content Manager - The Tech Game

Yes, I only want the Halo 3 beta though. Content organizer saves output folder between uses.

Fake Anim requires DL 3. Content organizer to sort local content into proper folders with optional folders for game name and content type. FTP "File Exists" dialog updated. This app owes a lot to other more talented hackers.

I dont get how xamphear could have missed this. Download Peek Poker v7. Fixed bugs in content organizer. Introducing FreeStyle 3 A.

360 Content Manager for JTAG & RGH 360s – Version 3.2 Update

Checkboxes added to list for easier selection of files. Time remaining and progress percentage added to window title and tray icon. I left my Pc for a night but is was in the same state the next morning: Posted Mangaer 19, Changed the coloring of current versions, fixed the download links so they were more specific to each program, and added a few more programs!

Download Xbox Image Browser 2. This app owes a lot to other more talented hackers. Is it supported by Aurora 0. Posted February 17, Warning and error messages made much more informative and friendly. Column and groups for content type.

Fixed bug in abgx detection. Fixed bug in display of Console ID. The advantages and disadvantages of. It brings you all the features and capabilities of a real devkit without 306 of the annoyances.

Already have an account? Files Content Manager 2. Added support for overwriting duplicates during rename operation. Ghosts Call of Contetn Xbox Content Manager Version 3. Agent Joanna Dark hit the ground running in Perfect Dark, an epic tale of galactic conspiracies in America. When I click "Load files from subfolders" I get this error: Fixed bug in uploading when using xFTPdll.

Fixed bug where the welcome screen would always appear. Xbox Image Browser is an alternative to Wx both work effeciently, I just chose to use this which allows you to open Xbox

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