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Break the crates to the left to get a Book of the Dead page. Once again use the Soul Splitter, this time causing the large Reaper Statue to appear onto of the floating platform. Start the exploration of the location by entering a large building. This will cause the gate to the south to lower.

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Finally, switch forms and push the moveable platform along with the reaper statue to the northwest part of the room. Cross the bridge and head through ciy door to the west. To Move a Mountain. Wall run over and collect the Lich Spines. The Lord px Bones. Before the cancellation, it was announced that Tom Savinimake-up artist and regular actor in the Dead Serieswould be providing the voice and likeness of a character in the game.

Climb along the vines and then perform a wall run and wall jump to get over to the wooden beam. Originally announced in Decemberit was due for release in March Phariseer Court of Bones II: After you perform thd action, press and hold the E key, which should allow you to take control of the other half of the soul.

Use the first Death to pull the nearby lever and lower the gate. Walk down the stairs and open the treasure chest to get some loot. Run over and head through the door at the northeast part of the room. Go to The City of the Dead.

Immediately Death is confronted with a puzzle. You cannot travel too far from the statue, otherwise the souls will be too far apart and Death will return to one form. Contagium Night of the Living Dead: The Toll of Kings. The Lord of the Black Stone.

Now proceeds to the next room where there are even more difficult fights for you to fight. Use the Tje Splitter on this higher platform, but not on the floor switch.

Climb the hand holds at the southern wall to reach a treasure chest with some goodies.

Darksiders II Walkthrough: The City of the Dead

Children of the Living Deaf Day of the Dead 2: Start to exterminate the undead scarabs and look around, the location for the chest. Use the Soul Splitter once again to revert back to one Death and then enter the City.

Push that switch in and the entire platform will lower several floors down. Grab one of the nearby statues and pull it. Walk around the corner and collect the goodies from the nearby treasure chest.

City of the Dead PC, XBOX, PS2 -

At the end of this pathway, push the switch, causing a nearby gate to ths. In this next room, turn to the left and run across the wall to reach a treasure chest containing the dungeon map.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Use the Death Grip hoops to get to the east end of the room where a treasure chest awaits.

Go to The City of the Dead | The City of the Dead - Darksiders 2 Game Guide |

Swift forms while still holding the switch. Jump over to a wooden beam and deead progressing to reach the higher platform to the north.

Finally, head through the door to the west. If you perform those actions correctly, the entrance to the of the dead should be unlocked.

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