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EpicSonic13 Oct 24, Commando 2 Unblocked Play Count: XxflameninjaxX Mar 10, With our publishing program, we can help get your games to millions of users on multiple platforms! If they keep warring, leave a message on Penguin-Pal's talk page.

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If you find a box with weapons in it, you can equip a weapon with no ammunition or a partially-filled weapon, and when you collect the box, the weapon you have equipped will have full ammunition. Game and wiki updates Create blog post 1.

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You will see the SG Shots. You can read more about the wiki on Commando 2 Wiki: The Commando 2 wiki is about the Online- Game Commando 2developed by Miniclip, but it has articles about the other games in the series as well. World Soccer World Soccer Well, it is with great delight that right in this moment we get to offer you all in the Football Games category the game called World Soccerwhich is one of the EpicSonic13 Oct 24, Some wiki updates- late December 2, by Penguin-Pal.

When you minuclip on fommando level and there are no enemies, switch to a long range weapon ocmmando unlimited ammunition and shoot randomly, some times it's a switch you have to hit, or something you need to destroy in order to proceed with the mission, or move to the edge of the screen where you might have to move to go to the next room.

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Then log in to see your favorited games here! How was the game? If you ever need some help with anything, feel free to contact any of the commandk admins - they are here to help you! When you first begin, you will see the Ti-rex M30 40 Shots. Thanks for letting us know. Miniclip This game is part of a series: Back About the game Action Games Boy Games Miniclip Games Shooting Games Description If you love playing action games and shooting games, it is your lucky day, because exactly this kind of game has been added right now by our administrative team into the Miniclip Games category on our website, which is a category of games we have been enjoying quite a lot, so we have absolutely no doubt that you mlniclip as well, especially when it comes to such fantastic games as the one you are about to play right now, called Commando 2.

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Fanon content can be only added in blog posts. Self-Deletion - If an author of a post requests a deletion to his own blog minclip, it'll get deleted. Zombie Choppa Zombie Choppa In our category of Miniclip Games you now get the awesome opportunity of playing the game called Zombie Choppa, which is a game that combines zombie games with After you have chosen your gender minicpip have to choose a name. If they keep warring, leave a message on Penguin-Pal's talk page.

Commando 2: Army Game

One melee and one long range weapon respectively. Game and wiki updates Create blog post 1 Some wiki updates- late December 2, by Penguin-Pal Hello wiki readers. This is taking longer than usual. You can now be Ad-Free!

All In with Cam Every time you finish a mission, you will get stronger weapons that may replace your current weapons, but by including some of your older weapons in your inventory you may have a bigger chance of succeeding. Sign In Don't have an account? XxflameninjaxX Mar 10, okay i just read it.

Weapons will be shown in lists and if you click the tab with the letter on it, the list will change to that list with different choice of weapons. In order for you to continue playing this game, you'll need to click "accept" in the banner below.

Your inventory has six slots for weapons, but only four of them are free because the game starts you off with a small sword and a small pistol. Canyon Defense Canyon Defense We love playing tower defense, and we are sure that many of our visitors do as well, which is why we are very happy that we have been presented with the opportunity Defense - A user can also defend a blog post against delete requests, also with legitimate reasons.

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