Fifty shades of grey part 2

Max Martini as Jason Taylor, Christian's bodyguard and head of security. Retrieved September 16, When Elena realizes that Christian sees Ana as a girlfriend and not a submissive, she becomes antagonistic towards Ana, trying to sow discord in the budding relationship.

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Retrieved 6 February A colleague at SIP.

Close friend of Pxrt. Ana and Christian attend the show together and kiss in an alley. Retrieved December 20, Richard Brody of The New Yorker described the film as inferior to the first, and found fault in the change in directors, stating:.

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Max Martini as Jason Taylor, Christian's bodyguard and head of security. Ana unexpectedly runs into Christian at the opening of her friend Jose Rodriguez's photography exhibit. After Christian and Ana shadse their engagement, Elena angrily confronts Ana, accusing her of being a gold-digger and claiming that a vanilla relationship will never satisfy Christian. Retrieved January 6, Retrieved 26 April Leila married a man who later died, causing Leila to have a mental breakdown.

Fifty Shades Darker ".

Bodyguard in charge of Ana's protection. This article is about the novel. A former submissive of Christian and a minor antagonist.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat She leaves in disgrace and Grace confronts Christian about it. This broke the previous record, held by Star Wars: Views Read Edit View history.

Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority. Fifty Shades Darker Tifty release poster. Retrieved June 30, Retrieved from " https: Fifty Shades Darker by E.

After telling Grace the whole story, he decides to end his business relationship with Elena and give back the salon to her. Christian is furious but Ana needs time to consider their relationship. Retrieved February 17, Ana orders her to stop interfering.

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Ana's stepfather who had been her father. Christian's longtime friend and business partner.

Retrieved May 7, Pre-Valentine's Day Weekend B. Retrieved February 7, When Ana tells Jack she won't be attending the expo with him, he attempts to seduce her while they are alone at work, but she evades him and escapes. Retrieved August 12, Retrieved April 27,

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