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A year after Jarren was signed, they signed Kato as well. June 11, Peaked at number on the US Billboard chart. Instagram Special thanks to theset3 for the CSS coding! What does this song mean to you?

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You gotta check out. To start the label Hopsin went on LegalZoomset up the business, and got the papers in the mail.

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He released three albums and a collaborative mixtape with SwizZz under the label. It was founded by American rapper Hopsin.

Submit a new text post. What does this song mean to you? This page was last edited on 2 Augustat April 15, [18] Peaked at number 54 on the US Billboard chart. He released two albums, two EPs and two mixtapes under the label. Hopsin] We know the industry fake, we slowly about to break it [Verse 3: Views Read Edit View history.

Funk Volume was an American independent record label. Cardi B Beret Luis Miguel. I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news.

Jerrrron Bennnnton, Hello yall its the bully in a Trayvon Martin hoodie and a bunch of gynaecology dudes to operate on you pussies aint no killer but please dont push me, the day you fags belittle me is the day that Hopsin joins a group with Soulja Boy and Little B, overseas they call me a sick cunt, Im hungry and I just missed lunch, fuck an FV song day no world its this month, Im crazy as Bigpun on a 5th of rum storm in the house pissed cause his wife hid all his short knives and his guns, I kill a nigga for Hop SwizZzle Dizzy and Dame Hoppa this aint a label bitch this is a game SIKE, now when I say that all the fans will be like hop you a hypocrite why did you sign Jerren and he ignorant, aint going nowhere get used to me, FV aint what it used to be cause we making moves about to hit the top shining just like jewellery, yeah fuck you haters who aint with it and u labels that shitted homie we did it independent bitch!

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Emurge Haywire with SwizZz. The label is defunct due to a feud between co-founders Marcus "Hopsin" Hopson and Damien "Dame" Ritter regarding financial alterations.

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Justicia part. Anything Strange Music related is welcome here!

Dizzy Wright] Uh-uh Yo, greatly awakened, I'm coming straight out of Vegas But 'side from taking over we 203 assassinations The craft I'm taking, I'm poetry in the matrix 20013 know the industry fake and we slowly about to break it See they embrace it cause Hop was just in his basement He secretly hired killers that's killing collaborations I took this shit back to the roots Shit back, with your bitch ass, you can get trapped, in a booth uh Hardest out, I'm hardly out but talk about stoner out the group My home smell like Bob Marley's house I found it out and you can count me out Funm rappers weak, y'all lyrics drier than cottonmouth The problem child and you surprised that I'm next Nigga said he going global and I swear voolume I ain't lied to you yet Labels calling cause they tryna invest It's and the first thing they ask is "we signing a check?

Desktop Google Chrome Windows 8. Know of an indie rapper that has some spectacular rapping talent? Retrieved from " https: It felt right to post it here.

He has been the touring DJ and an in-house producer for the label since Archived from the original on Playlists Artists Albums Notifications Pending friend requests. Rapper from Panorama City, Los Angeles. He was introduced to the label through being affiliated with Jarren Benton prior to his signing to Funk Volume. Anyone volums Strange or connected is welcome.

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