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If you have a dual or multi-extrusion 3D printer, you can take the popular design from Makerbot a step further and fabricate it with multiple materials and colors. Chris Borch Download this Model from Thingiverse. Holder for the earpiece. You are subscribed to updates from All3DP.

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Given that the cord is perhaps the messiest part of stashing a pair of headphones, this model has an integrated spool to wrap them up and tuck them away. PS4 Gold Wireless headset holder. movel

Prints in two pieces. The Dark Knight of Gotham City is here to, uh, model your headphones.

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Do you prefer to maintain a zen state of minimalism around your workspace? We are paid on a commission, which means that we receive a small percentage from heacset partners.

By comparing the prices of our 3D printing services, we simply are pointing you to the lowest 3D printing price available. Prints in two parts for ease of construction and assembly. Also, according to CC BY, we give attribution where needed.

This is a wall mount for wireless headsets, it has a cutout for holding the wireless dongle. Strictly speaking, this chunky and funky item is not a stand for your headphones.

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Sony Platinum Headset Wireless 3D modelBee3dd is a team who making 3d model best quality, you don't need worry when use our models. Da Vinci Mini Rafts: There is a dock for the special edition MW3 of the headset: Download this Model from Pinshape.

Xbox Wireless Headset Charging Dock. Headset Print Settings Printer Brand: This stand also offers an adjustable height! For audiophiles with more than one pair of headphones, this model can securely hold two.

Even without the fancy LED strips embedded inside, this is a very cool headphone stand. The design looks like a simple railing that holds your cans aloft. Xbox Bluetooth Wireless Headset Charging Dock free 3D print modelYesterday I stepped over my wireless headset while is was hanging from the microusb cable and broke it. You can either use it as a conventional headset stand, or you can clip it onto a shelf or desk and hang your headphones from the edge.

Apparently some designers were whole unimpressed by the Makerbot Stand, and went ahead and created a more visually exciting variation.

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If you have a dual or multi-extrusion 3D printer, you can take the popular design from Makerbot a step further and fabricate it with multiple materials and colors.

It prints as three separate parts for easy construction and assembly. All images are copyright their respective owners. Subscribe to updates from All3DP. Now you can fix-it in place easily with this simple piece.

For those folks spending any amount of time at their desk, a decent set of headphones is a crucial accessory. Ondra Ondra Download this Model from Thingiverse. For the headset mount first make sure that you've already tightened your stem bolts to the steerer tube so that you don't have to use the headset cap for compression anymore.

A headphone stand is a smart and elegant solution. We take care to build the smallest detail in the model to ensure the best results.

Download this Model from MyMiniFactory. A little curl of plastic inside the clip will hold it fast. Xbox Bluetooth Wireless Headset Chargi

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