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The small size of the ruined city means that you'll have more than a few close-quarter battles. These include an abandoned temple on a hilltop, which is accessible by stone bridges on either side and features another bridge at the opposite end of the map. Subscribe for the latest gaming news. The aim is to try and make levels that are fun for bet

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The new game will have four main mission types. Operation Flaming Dart will feature plenty of air-to-air action. Operation Flaming Dart Map type: In this map, NVA forces must capture and hold control points on battlefieldd Ho Chi Minh Trail, including an abandoned temple on a hilltop that's accessible by stone bridges on either side, in addition to another bridge on the opposite end of the map.

In this challenging map, US troops must advance through NVA territory, and past enemy control points, to capture the landing zone. The Mekong River runs right through this map and should afford players with plenty of opportunities for aquatic skirmishes. However, government spokesmen refused to concede that the city had been recaptured until the walled citadel at the center of town was captured.

The game will also have two mission-mode maps where one team must accomplish a specific mission while the other must prevent it, much like in the Secret Weapons of WWII expansion pack.

This map starts US forces with a remote air base. The contested area was eventually completely surrounded by NVA forces, thus cutting off Lang Vei and setting the base in that area up for a follow-up attack see Assault section, next page.

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Subscribe for the latest gaming news. Battlefield Vietnam - Death Valley This is a jungel map for battlefield vietnam it provides a river for amphibious assaults, jungels to hide in for snipers, helicopters f Though US players can take over three of these normally, the other three are equipped with air towers that must be destroyed in order to complete virtnam mission successfully.

The battle of Ia Drang Valley was won with the assistance of B bombers. In retaliation against a mortar attack that caused eight American casualties, President Lyndon B.

Battlefield Vietnam SP/Coop Maps

This impressive battle was re-created in the movie We Were Soldierswhich starred actor Mel Gibson and his not-so-impressive American accent. By capturing enemy bases, you could not only ensure that your team had a new base of operations, but you could also cut into the other team's ticket supply.

Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? All Hell bqttlefield Vietnam There are two main bases separated by water with a bridge to connect them in this Battlefield: FilePlanet is the ultimate online destination for Battlefield Series: Easter Offensive - Quang Tri Map type: Just three days after the mp assault on Ia Drang see Assault section, next pagea routine occupation mission of a designated landing zone went sour.

In addition, NVA forces can storm and capture the compound itself. Want the latest gaming news as it breaks? The historic battle ended in a dramatic victory for the US and included 79 casualties and wounded. Despite the best efforts of US troops, this supply vietna, wasn't truly halted, and some US jets were downed during attacks on the trail over the course of the war. You are now subscribed.

War, what is it good for? Reclaiming Hue Map type: US troops must air-drop into the riverside village, while NVA troops control a persistent spawn point and outlying control points that which must be defended. CopyrightInnova Media Privacy Policy. In our last preview, we took a comprehensive look at the soldiers of Battlefield Vietnam.

The NVA has three bases in the northern hills, as well as a base near a southern riverbed. Operation Hastings represents one of the largest military operations in the war.

It sounded interesting, but once a playable demo of the game was released, PC game players everywhere took note.

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