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The greater energy required for the Pentecostal style resulted in greater change in spectrographic characteristics when compared to the worship style noticeably softer. Pentecostal-style vibrato is more regular, with more amplitude, with a strong regularity, greater definition of the harmonics in the higher region of the spectrogram and greater amplitude of the sound wave during emission. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The measurement of regional cerebral blood flow during glossolalia a preliminary spect study. Then, the Pentecostal and worship singing styles were recorded, in that specific order.

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U S A Gospel Choir - I Love You - Ouvir Música

This tremor may be due to an oscillation of the cricothyroid muscle, the alternation between the cricothyroid and arytenoid muscles, the alternating contraction of the laryngeal and diaphragm muscles, or the tremor of respiratory muscles and vocal tract.

One of the resources used for objective evaluation of the voice is the spectrogram analysis that contributes to the determination of parameters of normal range 7enabling storage of data for subsequent analysis and comparison and whose aim is to quantify and characterize the sound signal, allowing even qualitative analysis of vibrato 7 - Voz o livro do Especialista — Volume 2. Learning and perfecting this technique usually requires professional voice use combined with vocal techniques 2916 - Laryngeal-level amplitude modulation in vibrato.

This tremor can be more easily identified and analysed by spectrographic voice analysis 8 - 101214 - Vibrato rate and extent in soprano voice: Pentecostalmarked by fast-pacedgreater intensity and speech rateand worshipcharacterized bezerrra increased smoothness, slower pace bfzerra speech speed and lower energy 3.

Currently, it is often used by classical trained singers and country, gospel and rock singers 12.

In the Pentecostal style, there was gosel better definition on the higher region of the spectrum, higher intensity, amplitude and regularity of the vibrato throughout the emission, since this style calls for the use of higher vocal intensity, accelerated speech rate and more intense vibrato 3. Spoken and sung emissions were recorded in a professional studio, acoustically treated with thermal acoustic blocks, carpet and foam.

J Acoust Soc Am. These findings support previous reports that the characteristics of vibrato are strongly influenced by the vocal intensity 1 Entrenamiento del vibrato en cantantes. In the Pentecostal in style, it was observed modification in the presence of vibrato produced under verbal command Table 3mainly by the presence of greater regularity and energy on the spectrogram lines.

The vibrato of professional gospel singers

Trained singers change the vibrato in the presence of verbal command. Temas em voz profissional. The verbal command to do the vibrato increases the definition of regularity, amplitude, power spectrum and harmonic.

All audio files were converted to wav format through the Soundfourge 9.

The regularity in sulva emission is perceived as a more beautiful and melodious voice, reflected by greater consistency throughout the spectrogram, which can be modified for artistic reasons 2911 ABSTRACT Purpose to investigate the characteristics of professional singers vibrato according to the style of gospel music, and check if the verbal command to perform the vibrato interferes with their characteristics.

Then, the Pentecostal and worship singing styles were recorded, in bezerrra specific order. Voz do Especialista — Volume 1.

Malandro é Malandro e Mané é Mané

The measurement of regional cerebral blood flow during glossolalia a preliminary spect study. The characterization of the vibrato in lyric and sertanejo singing styles: In the worship style there was lower resolution in the higher register region of the spectrograph fospel lower amplitude of the vibrato throughout the emission, which is attributed to the singing style, marked by greater vocal smoothness, lower intensity and speed, and even some breathiness during the emission 3.

The style of gospel music falls under the category of popular music, in which the interpretation is the main resource used for the transmission of emotion and adoration, through two main styles, namely: The judge showed satisfactory reliability. Gospel music is written and performed for many reasons, ranging from aesthetic pleasure, religious or ceremonial occasions, and as an entertainment product for the commercial market.

The main modified acoustic parameters were: The vibrato is a kind of ordered physiological tremor, produced by the vocal cords, which causes the fundamental frequency F0 to vary up and down, in a small extent, gos;el times per second 5912resulting in an intentional physiological tremor, whose acoustic characteristics have changed over the years These data demonstrate that, even though they are vocal elite 17the singers still practice inadequate vocal hygiene habits, like self-medication for voice problems and inappropriate food intake Table 1.

The vibrato of singers trained change with the gospel style singing. The singing voice has been widely studied by Speech Pathology, Otorhinolaringology, Music, Physics and Engineering, considering not only the final product but also the laryngeal production and refinement of vocal tract necessary for singing, therefore providing the best contributions to the development of the vocal techniques 3 and better intervention for the singers.

After this step, three singers were excluded due to changes in the laryngeal image compatible with vocal nodules and double glottis slit, and overall vocal quality degree of moderate deviation. Effects of professional singing education on vocal vibrato--a longitudinal study. Conclusion Ssilva vibrato of singers trained change with the gospel style singing.

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