Cdj 2000 nexus virtual dj skin

Inviato Wed 20 Mar 13 9: Inviato Fri 12 Apr 13 9: Not present on wiki either. Inviato Fri 12 Apr 13 6:

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Addition of a remix pad and a independent sampler only for owners of full HD x It is in beta testing and will be online very soon. One click this page appears: Inviato Thu 28 Mar nxus 1: Let's see a Dodge original for your next skin.


Where did you get those from? To unlock the skin must right -click on a nexjs hidden in the bottom right. I will correct away. I continue to work on the identification of skin buttons at mouseover almost finished Inviato Tue 02 Apr 13 5: Simply click on the list to be displayed.

I'm still looking for the best solution for the sampler pads, then I can finally prepare other resolutions!

Inviato Wed 03 Apr 13 Here is the list of unnecessary buttons and knobs of the skin: Dodge57 PRO Infinity Member since After seeing a lot of problems with the controllers, I invert deck 2 and 3 to match the usual order. Currently in x resolution but other versions will coming soon. I will create other versions of the skin including different resolutions.

Activate with the "RMX" button. If that were to happen, thank ekin for telling me here! Inviato Fri 12 Apr 13 9: The button is on the left deck: Inviato Wed 20 Mar 13 9: Independent sampler will be added to the right of the deck. Sometimes I forget to reset to 0 before upload and I apologize!

Never seen them in a skin before. Remains the problem of the "On Air" function with a midi controler, but then I do not know how to fix it Not present on wiki either.

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Inviato Tue 26 Mar 13 I also updated the help page of the skin. We find among others: The new version has not been online, I do not know why This nesus a known bug in Virtual DJ and I currently looking for a way to fix it.

Inviato Fri 29 Mar 13 9: Etc… The zip file contains this. Inviato Tue 26 Mar 13 8: But this will only be available for HD screens.

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