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Viezu offer the very best in car tuning software and car tuning software support. Make a wise decision if your car is hardly remapped turbo petrol and first time for the tuner. Some will actually perform their own calculations and take over control of some aspects of engine management like turbo waste gate control and ignition timing. There are many cases where the maps were wrongly defined etc https:

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If you are after big power gains and have changed major components like the turbo, waste gate and have done extensive engine work then a custom remap is the best option. Remember, that the people who design and build this stuff likely know a hell of a lot more than you do about it.

The tuner has remappig control here.

Our internal database will allow you to save all the files on ECM Titanium inside the flash drive so to have them always with you and work on many different Pc. Most of the tuners have at least 2 tools from different companies to support more cars. The first ECU tuning software utility for remapping professionals.

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Thanks for your interest in our products, we will gladly send you more information on the tuning solutions we have to offer you and your customers, simply send an email to info dte-systems. Chips cannot do this. Not all values are stored as floats, there are also single byte values ofunknown if 16 bit integers are used.

Stock vs Remap under Wide open throttle.

Last edited by SJM Whilst testing the car, either on the road or dyno, access to fuelling, ignition and boost maps may be viewed in real time remappign show which parts of the map are being accessed by the ECU. Remapping a turbo diesel car is very easy, most of the tuners can make more power.

Chips for use in factory stock turbocharged applications can increase power substantially in some cases by raising the boost pressure. Modern day cars do not have manual controls. This is fcu not very ethical in tuning industry and those type of tuners have no respect at all in ECU tuning forums. The tools are expensive compared to the competition.

Puretuning | Supplier for ECU remapping software files

Skip to main content. We supply custom-made Remapoing remapping files to tune petrol and diesel engines for performance and fuel efficiency, in 4 easy steps. Receive your professionally remapped tuning file in a matter of seconds. Cut through the noise, visualise and compare engine dynamics sourced directly from your ECU uploaded file.

Performance analysis Data only tells part of the story. The values and are not RPM based on the magnitudes RPM would not normally be lower thanthe values thru are most likely RPM values used in a lookup table or map. ROMs are read only memory, which cannot be re-used once programmed e. Since humidity, air density, oxygen levels etc in air affect performance you could reset the ECU to adapt to these variables too. If the car is smoking heavily and continuously under WOT: One important point that you should remember is not to reset ECU when using fuel additives or different octane fuel than you normally use.

ECU Tuning Software - EcuTeK Australia

It was clunky and mechanical but seemed to work reasonably well. The tuner can buy any of these tools to remappibg read and write files. The input data to the Eci should pertain to the post modification situation of the components and parts introduced, while making the modification.

Injector has to be open for X amount of time to inject Y amount of fuel: Going back to the ECU hex dump, the ascending RPM numbers could be the start of a fuel map, or it could be a timing map, or possibly a map to control oil injection, at this time we don't know the definition of that map. Fuel injectors can take longer to open.

The demo version is available for free download in their website. I have explained about ECU remaps by a tuner with master tools.

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