Fale hafez shirazi

The question of whether his work is to be interpreted literally, mystically, or both has been a source of contention among western scholars. His work was first translated into English in by William Jones. It was there where he is said to have attained "Cosmic Consciousness". Hafez primarily wrote in the literary genre of lyric poetry , or ghazals , that is the ideal style for expressing the ecstasy of divine inspiration in the mystical form of love poems. In composing poems of mystic content, they imbued every word and image with mystical undertones, causing mysticism and lyricism to converge into a single tradition.

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Persian prose, on the other hand, is deadly dull. According to one tradition, before meeting his self-chosen Sufi master Hajji Zayn al-AttarHafez had been working in a bakery, delivering bread to a wealthy quarter of the town. Themes of his ghazals are the beloved, faith, and exposing hypocrisy.

Hafez Divan دیوان حافظ

Ravished by her beauty but knowing that his love for her would not be requitedhe allegedly held his first mystic vigil in his desire to realize this union. On the 40th day, he once again met with Zayn al-Attar on what is known to be their fortieth anniversary and was offered a cup of wine.

The "lessons of spiritual stations" suggest, obviously, a mystical undertone as well though the word for "spiritual" could also be translated as "intrinsically meaningful". In Iran and Afghanistanhis collected works have come to be used as an aid to popular divination. II, De Poesi erotica, will amuse you.

As no active threats were reported recently by users, falehafez. Westminster, Archibald Constable and Co. Timur upbraided him for this verse and said; "By the blows of my well tempered sword I have conquered the greater part of the world to enlarge Samarkand and Dalemy capitals and residences; and you pitiful creature would exchange these two cities for a mole". So surprised and pleased was Timur with this response that he dismissed Hafez with handsome gifts.

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In this period, Hafez and other notable early satirists, such as Ubayd Zakaniproduced a body of work that has since become a template for the use of satire as a political device.

It is a domain having. Still, he encountered a being of surpassing beauty who identified himself as an angeland his further attempts at union became mystic; a pursuit of spiritual union with the divine.

Modern scholars generally agree that Hafez was born either in or Last night, from the cypress branch, the nightingale fzle. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Many of his critiques are believed to be targeted at the rule of Amir Mobarez Al-Din Mohammadspecifically, towards the disintegration of important public and private institutions.

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Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified syirazi contemporary. Hafez was acclaimed throughout the Islamic world during his lifetime, with other Persian poets imitating his work, and offers of patronage from Baghdad to India.

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Not Applicable H6 Headings: Hafez is the most popular poet in Iran, and his works can be found in almost every Iranian home. Mystic poetry GhazalIrfan. Early tazkiras biographical sketches mentioning Hafez are generally considered unreliable.

Hafez primarily wrote in the literary genre of lyric poetryor ghazalsthat is the ideal style for expressing the ecstasy of divine inspiration in the mystical form of love poems. His work was first translated into English in by William Jones.

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Although he hardly ever traveled outside Shiraz, in one shirxzi, Tamerlane Timur angrily summoned Hafez to account for one of his verses:. Hafez was born in ShirazIran. Tomb of HafezShirazIran. Feedient makes it easy to stay up to haffz with your friends, even if they are on different social networks. Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

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