30 days of night

What I thought would happen was each volume would cover a few days during the actual "30 days of night" I was torn between a 2-star and a 3-star rating but the latter would mean I recommend this comic and I do not. The UK Region 2 release is a two disc special edition, released in April

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30 Days of Night () - IMDb

The sheriff, his wife, and the rest of the town quickly catch on to what's happening when the impossible becomes very real and the whole town is plunged into chaos.

See 1 question about 30 Days of Night, Vol. Feb 18, Osvaldo rated it really liked it.

May 28, Harsh Kumar rated it really liked it. Mellisa George in her supporting role is rubbish, I expected more from her, but it's the weak script that doesn't give her much to do at all, she does what she can with the material she's given, but it never feels like she's really there. Definitely Steves Niles has a new fan on me. Seriously, it happened so fast. View all 3 comments.

30 Days of Night, Vol. 1 by Steve Niles

Feels derivative of 28 Days Later. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The darkness brings a world of shadow, if places in every corner, creepy and at the same time adrenaline infused. I gotta say, though, this graphic novel from which the film originates is actually pretty shitty. Archived from the original on September 28, I get the concept.

30 Days Of Night

But to make up for the hunger of more story, I must admit that Ben Templesmith's artwork is beyond anything I've ever laid eyes upon. Archived from the original on June 21, Season 4 This Is Us: Brian Reitzell composed the film's score.

I usually like original art, but the thing with that is that some I liked the story of this one, but disliked the artwork. It takes place in Barrow, Alaska during the winter season. As the month comes to an end, with the sun due to rise, the vampires start to burn down the town to destroy evidence of their presence, and prevent any survivors from telling the world what happened.

It's a hurried mess that tries to be a big story by introducing plots that come to nothing when it should just buckle down and focus on a couple of developed characters. Perhaps the only thing I dislike is the fact that it doesn't have a more elaborate character development; but it is okay considering this is the first volume though.

There's a town in Alaska that's getting ready to go through this 30 day thing where the sun doesn't rise. Loved the artwork, but I'm kind of so-so on the storyline. Sam Raimi Robert Tapert. While there's no crawlspace, there is a questionable closet in one corner and no one is quite sure what is hidden in there Make no mistake, 30 Days of Night hinges upon an inspired conceit: The vamps aren't really like traditional vamps more like aliens or creatures and not really effective for me, without their spooky romantic appearance they seem more like animals and you don't connect with them, but I guess that's the difference here.

Apr 10, LaTonya Reed rated it it was amazing. Mike Richardsonthe Dark Horse Comics publisher who supported the adaptation project from the beginning, after having turned down an offer to initially publish the project, was attached as executive producer.

Critical reviews were mixed. Camille Keenan as Kirsten Toomey. Scrapping many of the undead cliches and aided by troublingly realistic special effects, Slade has crafted one hell of a monster movie. Slade explained "we designed this really simple language that didn't sound like any particular accent that you would be aware of, that was based around really simple actions, eating, hunting, yes, no, really basic, because that's what vampires do.

A simple but point-black storyline is what this graphic novel offers. It was one of the most terrifying films I had ever seen.

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