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If you want to see in-depth review of Circuit Maker, we highly recommend you watch the video after the break. I see a real black hole of info being possible with that kind of plan. Will that be a deal killer for the OSHW community? Nicholas Rabault The Poppy Project.

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Star Printery Pty Ltd. I see a real black hole of info being possible with that kind of plan. You are explicitly prohibited to upload pornographic material section 8. Users can produce themselves our design directly or by forking it to adapt it to their needs. My interpretation is not the problem.

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The bad one picture projects with incomplete source gets uploaded just to publish. The push modes will push other trace and vias, as well as hop-over. Why does this excellent tool continue to languish in obscurity? Some advanced features, including differential pair routing and polygon pour management, are also available.

I would only support cloud when it actually mirrors user data, ie it offers a service without taking away control from users, surely not this way which should be avoided at any cost. You could check for yourself and report back, rather than spreading FUD. I had to do quite a search to find a way to buy a real version of the last non-cloud based Photoshop. This is a major departure from the pre-beta we covered back in September.

Released designs can be forked and then modified so you can build new designs with different features without having to start from scratch every time. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The main problem I have with this tool is the cloud thing. Anyone else noticing that?

They never said this in the pre-release invitations to beta. Too bad as it looked really promising. Free, runs locally, unlimited. There was no dependence on any server or any organisation.


Eagle does not compare with Altium. You ended up wasting time and money than making your own naker from scratch.

A second concern is the lock-in resulting from CircuitMaker's cloud centric approach.

Your interpretation of their prohbition of pornographic content puts into question your interpretation of sections 6 and 8. Yes Headwize screwed the pooch big time.

Nicholas Rabault The Poppy Project. I think it was HW but might actually have alltium head-fi, instead. Retrieved 22 April I figured it out. It might be useful to sit in on the socket, and log everything that goes through it. And once the toolchain changed things that we were not able to keep pace of, the value of having done the extra effort was shown. Either through oversight, or maybe the guy who did the cloud saving part is cool and secretly left it open.

You cannot start the thing or otherwise work on your projects without an internet connection. Users can comment on each other's projects and parts, rate them, and sltium improvements. Software ALL the costs is in the design. I remember seeing an article about that on EE Times, maoer I think it was a link to an article on Electronic Design or some other magazine.

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