Beatles decca audition

Smith later even admitted that the label pretty much had to send someone to check out the group, so important was the NEMS account to the sales department. The group was driven down to London in a snow storm on New Years Eve by their assistant and roadie Neil Aspinall. We really thought that was it.

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The main objective of the Beatles was to get that record deal; the main objective of Decca was to determine whether the Beatles were worth recording for real. Guitar groups are on the way out.

The new release is an eq'd, pitch corrected and "repaired" version of the MasterDisc bootleg from Joe Friday 21 March I wondered for years decades, actually why the group would go audigion do a serious audition like this on a holiday?

The Beatles' Decca audition - Wikipedia

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some of those songs never made it to actual broadcast. The tapes prove George Martin's assertion that Pete Best was the wrong drummer for the group. That brings up aufition thing.

Furthermore, the audition gave Epstein some good-quality recordings of the group, on reel-to-reel, enabling him to take them around the remaining London labels.

Visit the Beatles history section. Paul and George tried very hard to keep the Star Club tape from getting out.

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There are three types: The remaining ten songs from the Decca audition have never been officially released, although they have frequently surfaced on grey market and bootleg releases. Were the tapes submitted to Pye from the Decca session, or were they from something else?

Eventually, Decca Records rejected the Beatles, saying "guitar groups are on the way out" and "The Beatles have no future in show business," [1] although it has since been suggested that their work that day did not yet reflect their true potential, and the "guitar" comment may have been intended as bbeatles polite let down.

Epstein agreed, and immediately took the tapes to a studio and pressing plant situated above the store.

Many have speculated about who made the decision to reject the Beatles. It was the tracks that we were doing onstage in the dance halls.

The Beatles audition for Decca Records – The Beatles Bible

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The tempos sometimes wavered and the lead vocals quavered, particularly on some notes when McCartney reached into the upper register.

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. On back you will see the re-mix engineering was done by EHB Until then, the tape had been shrouded in mystery, and no one had known exactly which songs had been performed.

The Fourmost took the song into the British Top Ten in lateand like the Applejacks took an approach so light and sing-songy as to make the Decca take, as innocuous as the tune was, aueition earthy in comparison.

Cavern Club, Liverpool lunchtime. I have never known of a cannel stereo master.

The Story of the Beatles’ Failed Audition for Decca Records

Newer Post Older Post Home. But after one listen, it's obvious that Best was a limited drummer with a poor sense of timekeeping. Telegraph Media Group Limited. There are a couple of semimyths surrounding the Decca tapes, beatoes in books and articles about the Beatles, that bear serious reinvestigation and reassessment.

The emergence of yet another bootleg CD from the famous Decca audition prompted cecca to write a little bit about these recordings.

I had recorded two bands and I was told that I could take one and not the other. Beatles CD'sBeatles records.

The tape auctioned has only 10 songs and is on Ampex tape which was not in use in It is likely that the majority of songs were recorded in a single take without overdubs; the entire session, which began at 11am, took roughly an hour.

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