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It will be included in the next version of After Effects. Both tools do have their field. I've been using Element 3d for awhile now and love it. One question — it seems like the rendering still has to happen somewhere, and in this case it would add long render times to your AE renders due to the 3D elements being rendered. Cinema 4D to After Effects Tutorial:

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How to open Cinema 4D Lite in After Effects (2 min, Beginner)

Cant wait for this!! This could be a huge deal if they get it working with the render client!

Miro April 4, at 6: But no more of that cause we now have some power on our side!! Hi Nick, how are you? It's also much cheaper, and is sufficient for most of my needs. Lorenzo Depa April 4, at 6: I wonder what the render options and limits are…will it interact with c4d render plugins such as vray or in the built in physical render?

The combination of 3D camera tracking and 3D objects from C4D looks particularly exciting.

Introducing Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite For After Effects | Greyscalegorilla

Thanks for the anticipation of this stuff! Bridging this workflow hurdle will make it more fun for us to do our craft. Return to posts index. The Video Copilot dudes have made a very simple workflow for morphing one object into another with Element with great looking results in the way the geometry morphs particularly. Of course, we will have more tutorials about this functionality as it launches. Hello, I think that is a great tool but I wonder what difference it would with Element 3D plugin?

This is an awesome thing. Also a word on Cineware vs. I really admire how much do you like what you do!

See what’s possible with Cinema 4D Lite |

Say you have a complex 3D scene imported in to AE, along with something like a lower third made in AE with some simple text. One of the real winners tho is Nick.

Hey Nick, first thank you for these tutorials, In the second video at It cinemaa on May 5 when it was announced at Adobe Max. Hey Nick, Any idea if this can take advantage of net render by chance? Andrew C April 5, at 4: Remington M April 5, at There are to render farm options right now.

This is very exciting news. This is amazing but it cinemq look like its slow when trying to move around in AE but to be able to change things without rendering is HUGE!! Todd May 4, at 8: Let alone use Element 3D. July 22, at 9: Federico April 30, at 2: Adam April 4, at 5: Also, cindma little unrelated but hey the City Kit is great Nick! At this point I just use it for titles. You have a new Fan!

Zizos April 6, at 4:

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