Dental patient education

I've been a dentist since , and I've had one experience in a courtroom where things turned out in my favor, and the informed consent video was a very comforting piece of evidence to have on my side. For some, just letting them know what you see is enough. There are various learning styles for patients. When it comes to education in general, we know that people gain and retain more information the more senses we engage i. Therefore, it must be mobile so that if a patient has a question later they can refer to it.

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Silent images or videos that have a self-explanatory message are great for waiting room and operatory loops, or to include on a website, blog patiet e-blast. The consult is an opportunity to learn about your patient, bond and inspire confidence. So, we decided to not try to do that. What I look for in patient education is consistency in the message.


Smart Lecture Dental Anomalous Medical. Dentists have to teach their patients how to take care of their teeth in between visits to the office. Software that patietn help your patients understand the benefits of receiving treatment can help improve case acceptance, so using a patient education system can be beneficial to many practices.

Considering patients retain about 30 to 50 percent of what we tell them in the dental chair, I think we should set the stage for the information but also give them tools to take on the task we are asking them patisnt perform. We also have slides that show the negative outcomes that come along with tooth loss and bone loss.

I like to have a way to record discussions when education is presented. They see there is a problem, such as a missing tooth, and they are seeking out the information to find a solution. Dentin Hypersensitivity Dentin Hypersensitivity. I also dentl that the education should focus on the simplest and least graphic description of conditions and procedures.

I don't want to have to access them from any particular place e. It is caused by acid erosion of tooth enamel. Dental Patient Education Software. Take-home information can be helpful for a patient to understand why he or she is being referred to a specialist or potential financing options that may be available to help meet his or her dental treatment goals.

That makes it tough to determine what makes one better than another. Whether it is something as simple as a two-surface restoration, or a more extensive procedure, I have realized that things are more predictable for the patient if the correct efucation of time is spent explaining what is going to be done.

23 Tips For Choosing the Best Patient Education Resources

That is why sending to the patient's inbox is the most impressive way; no pressure and they may watch on their own time … and they do. Select up to 5 products from above to compare or request more information.

If it is a different brushing technique, maybe we explain that in the chair, show them in a video, but have them also watch a YouTube video later. Great dentists educatikn providing dental education to their clients as seriously as every other aspect of their job.

Find activity books, parent materials and lesson plans and more for Children's Dental Health Month and Outreach. What do I look for in the best patient education resources?

ADA Dental Product Guide: Patient Education Materials

Web Based Equipment Needed: We edudation to remember that patients have to be engaged in payient we are trying to educate them on. So they want a place to get follow-up answers or FAQ, especially for family members. How to care for any dental restorations, dentures, braces, and the like. This database offers handouts, videos, and other multimedia materials to help you educate your patients.

In our office, we use models, intra oral cameras, diagrams, etc.

The patient education resource must speak to the patient, meaning there should be relevance to the patient of what is being presented. Stay informed by signing up for our eNewsletters and start receiving: Want to know who's looking at it?

We have to realize that people and patients make decisions based on emotion and support it through logical means, and it is up to us as professionals to determine where they are presently and help them along this process.

Having them to work in tandem is particularly helpful.

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