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August 29, , Use what fits you Best. Too late for a refund. Email him and he will get you the current manual for review.

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That is why some of you can't get this script to work properly. I have just purchased it after getting a refund for Forex Executor since you could not depend on it at all.

Now I know that you have kept reading my honest review of Forex Executor Pro because you really want to try it once to gain success on forex trading so that what are you waiting for?

That is the rock-solid promise from Jason to stop any doubt may be rising from your mind. I will make it back on the first small swing trade I make with it. They are also essential to exxecutor the risks and optimize benefits. What I do often is analyzing the charts in the evening, and set pending orders using FX rorex for the next day, check in the morning for break outs and pull backs, adjust the pending orders if necessary, and then go on with my day.

I personally don't feel they even created the software themselves and outsourced it, so getting updates and new features could be slow or non-existent. There are no additional images for this product. September 10, I believe 40 is the average.

Forex executor pro review – does it work?

If Magenta line is Crossing up. A little step but if it works well worth it!

I bought Executor Pro and had a problem with it, probably a very simple issue at that, but at least I know if you buy anything from Jason Fielder, don't expect to be supported - you are on your own! What I like is that stop loss can be moved to break even after a certain ammount of profit is reached.

I ezecutor either trail or move fofex stops based on the charts daily.

There is a potential effect on how, what, and where products may appear. I need a good manual trade manager.

Forex Executor Pro (F.E.P.) Plugin Supercharges Your MT4 Platform - Trading Ninja

How Much To Get Started? Best of all they are free, you can donate if you like them. I basically need my stops moved when a price is hit. This poses the question: They seem to be actively updating it too with new features, its at v3.

The newer version looks like it has a lot more bells and whistles, i haven't tried that one yet. I place various manual trades that trade over a few days to sometimes two weeks.

Just as a reminder, the Sitter is not an EA that needs any executpr or back testing since its role is to take care of manual trades. Finally went directly to ClickBank--they returned my money.

Serving Professional Traders Since Also most brokers don't let you place targets or stops closer that 4 pips from market, simply locking you out of quick profit opportunities when using targets, or keeping you from getting those few extra pips you so often know are there for the taking, forcing you to exit at market. You will be able to use the EA without any restriction on any demo account and any broker, as well as on your live accounts.

Hence, you will no longer have to stare at the charts and guess how the market will go. Too late for a refund.

Forex Executor Pro Free Download

Secured By PayPal Missionforex. I'll let you know what happens. Completely missed a pending trade I set up, costing me some significant money.

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