Hyperspin wheel art

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I made a light gun genre on hyperspin but couldnt find any wheel art for it so I made one.

Submitted September 4, Submitted August 23, I hope everyone likes! All were cleaned up and edited in Photoshop to look their best. Submitted August 7, Updated December 10, Updated June 8, Credits go to the media and Hyperspin Wheel creators.

Wheel Packs - HyperSpin Forum

All were cleaned up and edited in Photoshop to look their best. Submitted October 22, Main Menu theme, Main menu wheel, database, full screen default theme, default theme similar to main menu Wheel images, and a pointer.

Updated July 12, I made an 'extras' folder with the individual wheels, if needed. Updated October 31, Submitted February 19, All credits go to him. Updated Wheeo 10, Submitted June 5, Submitted August 14, Updated December 21, Updated March 17, Sign In Sign Up.

Submitted May 27, These are not complete or perfect, I used a batch script in photoshop to make these so some hypersspin them might not look right. PInball FX2 By 32assassin this is a new set, I tired to match the logo as much as possible to the available art. It's using the no-intro naming convention.

I also removed 2 or 3 games as I didn't think they where worth being there. Most of them I did myself using in game graphics.

Submitted January 9, Submitted June 11, Sign In Sign Up. Updated October 27, Just sharing in a pack for hypdrspin. I gave em the purdy background. Submitted January 9,

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