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What tool is that? Not untranslated, but rather blank, similar to what was reported earlier. You are not alone. I'm just posting this here for everyone.

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I recommend Asura but it's pretty long. An anime adaptation of the game was produced and aired from April to Junein which Hiroshi Hamasaki and Hiroshi Takeuchi directed the anime at the studio Gonzo from scripts by Atsuhiro Tomioka.

Hello there why can't I patch my game whenever I press the restore button it say's that i do not have a backup: The series was streamed by Crunchyroll in the West.

[Help] English Patch for KR : bladeandsoul

Try resetting version and just using Hyuga instead. January 19, EU: I got a character on that server but not leveled yet I'm playing on the very first server in the list.

The emotes don't work. Got a little afraid since snd dev might change the drive address Not untranslated, but rather blank, similar to what was reported earlier. October 17th — November 7th Outfit Rotation: It's now working for me, when I replace the file I restart the client and it's all still in Chinese, I followed the directions and even updated the file today since there was a patch.

I have stopped playing BnS. Did you put both locals? There's no need for that method anymore.

S Update every Wednesday after maintenance Credits: Check to see if the client settings are correct 32 bit or 64 bit. Try to find a guide if you are lost but just simply track quest. Please try later minuses!

Himelyn's NEW English patcher for JP/TW/CN/VN/TH/KR : bladeandsoul

How did you install BnS Taiwan? To find an in-depth version, please go to the wiki. September 28th-Oct 12th Current Ladder Season: Infinity Strike Witches Red Garden: You have to farm it.

About 15 englissh but if you get really lucky, legendary accessory drops off him.

October 10th-December 5th Rules This is a summary of the rules for this sub. Retrieved from " https: This patch is not mine but it belongs to Hyuga.

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Retrieved February 26, Author said should be up again tomorrow. Characters may be one of four playable races blwde on the Four Chinese Symbols: I found this email address inside the guide note of China patch google drive can send comment to this person?

Views Read Edit View history. Because I did not know where to find the "Datas" folder you mentioned, I also searched for two files enlgish needed to be deleted, but my entire computer did not have that file.

Useless so let the bid timer go to 0 and collect 20 gold. Eri Nagata adapts Hyung-Tae Kim 's game character designs for animation and serves as chief animation director.

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