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Change Themes and Backgrounds Here we take a look at the default theme for Windows 7. But, if you feel like mentally scarring anyone who sees your screen, you can grab the eight high-definition images from Softpedia. Dive into the cosmos with these 14 beautifully intense images featured in the NASA Spacescapes theme.

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Here are 10 Windows 10 themes for every desktop.

10 of the Best Windows 10 Themes for Every Desktop

Why not thejes up your computer with a cool system-wide theme instead? The Age of Empires soundtrack is one of the all-time video game greats. With this theme, embrace 15 vivid images of wildlife around the globe, from frozen tundras to clear blue oceans.

It provides quick access to all your frequently-used apps.

To change the appearance right click an empty area on the desktop and select Personalize. But, if you feel like mentally scarring anyone who sees your screen, you can grab the eight high-definition images from Softpedia. The images in Ticket to Fear are genuinely a bit disturbing.

You can also share your custom themes with friends, family, and co-workers. On ThemePack you can grab themes for all your favorite stars and shows, including Gintama, Vegeta, Evangelion, and Haikyuu. Once you have a picture selected for the Background Screen you can then start customizing other features like the Window color. Thank you for picking me for your list. Your email address will not be published. Usually the version of Windows 7 you receive includes region specific themes based on your country and language.

Just make sure you install the latest version of UxStyle before you proceed with setup.

Best Windows 10 Themes

Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. The Diffusion theme has 13 crisp-looking images of ink diffusing in water. The wallpapers all give the illusion of a 3D graphic.

Tried using the macDOCK. Anime, in all its dsktop, seems to become more popular with every passing day. What are the colors you associate with Christmas?

It even has three skins and a drag-and-drop interface. Windows 10 Themes provide a quick way to customize your PC that includes a gallery of desktop background pictures, coordinating menu colors and sometimes even unique system sounds.

Here's how to turn Windows 10 into a Windows XP, 7, or backgroinds.

This theme gives you 10 adorable puppies yes, they will always be puppies in colorful summer settings. We've picked out our favorites below with bacmgrounds download links for each, but it's also easy to create your own theme.

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It will replace the existing taskbar, and you can customize the dock to display the apps you want to see. You can dfsktop the theme to your system from the Settings app. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. We show you how the 13 year old operating system is now riddled with security issues.

Does it feel too much like summer already?

The Best Windows 10 Themes (and Where to Download Them)

Windows Mac iPhone Android. With these 15 scenic photos of Salt Lakes desktlp the Dead Sea, you can take in all the salt you need without the risk of high blood pressure. Click the Picture location drop down menu to explore different categories. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

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