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How is this still going? The two drive together to the beach, where they "rekindle their relationship". Awaiting Dom's arrival, Mia and Brian join their friend Vince and other participants on a job to steal three cars from a train.

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Fast and Furious 9 and 10 cast, plot, cars, release date and everything you need to know

However, if you're looking for realism and a solid story this is not your movie. Season 4 This Is Us: Archived from the original on November 2, Pearce agrees, but only for the same deal Brian was offered, and with the help of Monica, Brian and Roman work together to take down Verone. He admits he was planning to sell the chip to Reyes on his own, and Dom forces him to leave. Yeah alright Toretto we get it!

When Dom arrives with the rest of the participants, he realizes that the lead participant, Zizi, is only interested in stealing one car - a Ford GT List of short films. I think you'll learn a lot more about it, llnk I don't know if that hashtag will be the appropriate one to put on it down the road.

Furious 7 Movie

Linm is pulled from the wreckage of his car, believed to be dead. Michelle Rodriguez as Letty Ortiz. Shaw is taken into custody by Hobbs and locked away in a secret, high-security prison. When Deckard reaches the front of the plane and confronts a defeated Cipher, she makes her escape by parachuting out of the plane.

Why Paul Walker's Brothers Haven't Watched Furious 7 Since The Premiere

Fastt, Dom and Mia escape; Dom suggests they split up and leave Rio, but Mia announces she is pregnant with Brian's child. Long-running rumours attaching the star to the franchise have resulted in her signing on in the role of a villain. Back at their headquarters, Hobbs tells Dom's crew that Shaw is stealing components to create a deadly device, intending to sell it to the highest bidder.

Fast cars, gorgeous characters, adrenaline pumping action, lino an ending that warms the heart. When their trail gets too hot, Dominic disbands the crew.

View to a bill: These unrealistic action pieces are so beautifully shot and executed much to the credit of James Wan The Conjuring. The studio told Diesel that it planned to use his cameo as a way to relaunch the Dominic storyline.

When Dom questions Cipher's motives, she reveals lin she has been holding hostage Dom's ex-lover and DSS agent Elena Neves—as well as their son, of whose existence Dom was previously unaware.

But Brian intervenes, and works a scheme where he enters a street race where the winner would join Braga's team of drivers.

At the airfield, Customs Agents have Verone's plane and convoy surrounded, only to fsat they are duped into a decoy maneuver while Verone is at a boatyard several miles away. While the authorities search for them, the trio escapes to Rio de Janeiro. For other uses, see The Fast and the Furious disambiguation. Caleb and Cody Walker, who stood in for Paul on unfinished scenes on the seventh movie, say they have discussed further appearances with Vin Diesel.

Plus much of the fanbase will take this all seriously too, to many all this hip-hop, bling and swagger is the epitome of cool, they actually think its genuinely cool.

Season 2 DC's Legends of Tomorrow: The Haunting of Hill House. Kurt Russell as Petty.

For more details on the reception of each film, see the "Reception" section on each film's article. He tracks Dominic's location by triangulating his cell phone signal and they arrive at the hijacking in progress to find Letty, badly injured in a car accident, and Vince critically wounded, having lacerated his arm amd been shot by a truck driver.

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. The dialog is absolutely dreadful from everyone, such unbelievable, over the top, macho bullshit quips.

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