Ibn e safi novels

All these sons and daughters belong to his first marriage that was held in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in Ibn-e-Safi started writing poetry in his childhood and soon earned critical acclaim in whole South-Asian community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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In these adventures, Ibne Safi takes the reader to various fictitious, exotic lands of his own imagination. MysteryCrimeSpyAdventure.

Imran Series by Ibn-e-Safi

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All these sons and daughters belong to his first marriage that was held in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in However, it remained incomplete due to his illness. For this reason, these books are numbered at the end, otherwise they should not be considered "out of continuity". I know that crimes committed by governments are not called crimes but diplomacy.

Original number, original title Romanoriginal title Urdutranslated tile in parentheses, year first published. At the time of his demise, Ibn-e-Safi had left four sons and three daughters. He married to Ume Salma Khatoon in Ibne Safi wrote the story and screenplay for a film 'Dhamaka' based on his novel 'Bebakon ki talash'.

Most of the English translations of Urdu poetry and titles are literal and do not capture the true essence of the language.

Considering that Ibne Safi never left the Indian Subcontinent, the detailed descriptions he provides of the diverse localities are surprisingly accurate. The movie was released on 13 December He used sqfi write poems under the pen name of "Asrar Narvi".

Nuclear and Hydrogen Bomb experiments were beyond their comprehension. They could not figure out why a person is incarcerated in a mental asylum when he turns mad and why when a nation turns mad, we start calling it a Power Anokhay Raqas.

This page was last edited on 10 Octoberat Many a time, Ibne Safi created fictitious settings for his stories. According to one of his autobiographical essays, someone in a literary meeting claimed that Urdu literature had little scope for anything but sexual themes. So strong was Ibne Safi's impact on the Urdu literary scene that his novels were translated into several regional languages.

The voice of X-2 was recorded by Ibne Safi himself. Inhe started iibn first job at 'Nikhat Publications' as an Editor in the poetry department.

It was not unusual for Safi's books to be sold at black market prices in Pakistan and India, where they were originally published every month. The film did not get the publicity and fame which it deserved and remains mostly forgotten.

His initial works date back to the early s, when he wrote from India. Funeral was attended by a large number of citizens, admirers, journalists etc. His early works in the s included short stories, humour and satire.

Ibn-e-Safi (Author of Khaufnaak Imarat/ خوفناک عمارت)

saci Retrieved 4 June His father's name was Safiullah and mother's name was Naziran Bibi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ibne Safi's novels — characterized by a blend of adventure, suspense, violence, romance, and comedy — achieved massive popularity by a broad readership. After completing the latter, sqfi attracted official attention as being subversive in the independence and post-independence period, he migrated to KarachiSindhPakistan in August The film featured a rendition of a ghazal by Habib Wali Muhammad, "Rah-e-talab mein kaun kisi ka", which was written novela Ibn-e-Safi.

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