Europe truck simulator 2

The Cabin Accessories DLC adds various items to customize the cabin of your truck, such as banners, pennants, bobbleheads, a portable navigator and even fuzzy dice which will respond to the cabin's movements. In July a large update was released, fixing various graphical glitches, improving the toll booths and included the ability to switch off the trucks' speed limiter from within the gameplay options. More cool game truck.

221b baker street

Added by Kavya Ram Mohan. Two Sidney Paget depictions of Sherlock Holmes. When the Baker Street flat is introduced in A Study in Scarlet, the rooms receive little attention other than the note that they meet the needs of Messrs. The dining table is now big enough to accomodate five people as indicated in The Adventure of the Noble Bachelor. Once in the museum itself, you progress to the first floor to view Holmes' living room,