Aerial stock footage

But it really depends on two things. Want to work with Dissolve? Videoblocks is a video footage website operated by by Storyblocks which runs as a subscription service for members. Drone Footage Revealing a Neighborhood.

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Same footage multiple sites will license tracking become an issue in the future?

NOTE: You can now download this footage for FREE on

Before you post areial whole video on YouTube, think about it, use your judgement to achieve the desired result. What happens if someone wants to use your video exclusively? The market place is huge and we have to remember that the people who search for drone video footage are likely to be searching for other more mainstream footage as well.

This is unfortunate because it can mean that you need to edit longer text and keywords on the fly to fit into the shorter fields that some of the sites use. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience.

Aerial Footage 1

After dtock if your video clips quality is exceptional they may appear in other places. Drone Footage of an Aerial Tram. If you have any observations or comments to add please feel free to do so below or on social media. If you run a drone aerial photography business please do consider adding it to our drone directory.

Jet Fly By Stock Video.

They are trying to create a unique collection of exclusive footage and images; a site that brings together the finest quality aerials available. Rising Above the Clouds. Stok District at dusk. Paper clouds hanging on strings falling from the with blue background.

Drone shoot of a forest and road at sunrise. DroneStock — Aim to make Drone video footage and aerial photography imagery easily accessible to anybody in the world.

Car on a winding road in the hills.

If you run a stock drone video footage website and wish to be included please let us fpotage and we may include you. Ai Drone Insurance App.

If they found out you were selling footage of properties you filmed for them they would justifiably be upset and may take legal action. In all aeial they are looking for high quality aerial footage.

Aerial Footage 1 - Free HD Video Clips & Stock Video Footage at Videezy!

How good are you? It is quite tedious work though, choosing the right clip, editing it to a suitable length, and getting the key-wording right is important if your videos are to be found and purchased. Aerial footage shot from an airplane. Their website states that their aerial video collections are open to talented creators who wish to market an existing stock collection.

Are you over 18 years of age? Altai Mountains, Siberia, Russia.

Free Aerial Stock Video Footage Download 4K & HD Clips

HOsiHO contributor application page: Flyover of Downtown London England 4K. Find out more about the fees here: When you bear that in mind it is most likely worth the effort.

Flying over the high mountains in beautiful clouds. Failure to secure these prior to publishing could cost you dear at footaeg later date when the person or property owner discovers you have published their physical image or imagery of their physical property without their permission. We think potentially this is quite a big marketplace. Aerial of Utah Mountains 4K. Time lapse doodle sky.

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