Blue toes the christmas elf

He didn't know that the trees that he picked his toys from were saplings that wouldn't be ready until the following year - even though the miniature toys from the tree looked very cool indeed. But what happens when Santa discovers that he is two presents short? Despite how badly he was treated by the elves, Small One still wanted to be helpful. Now, typically speaking, what I would normally do in the advent calendar is kick things off on the first day of December

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Despite how badly he was treated by the elves, Small One still wanted to be helpful.

And when Lonesome got Santa's attention, he found a shivering Small One cuddled up in a ball, with his frostbitten toes turning a sickly shade of blue.

Of course, now you know how Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf got his name. And believe me, when I realized my mistake, I was very mad and upset.

Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf (TV Movie ) - IMDb

And, believe me, when it comes down to the yearit certainly has been quite a memorable year — at least as far as my own experiences go. Since that ornament happens to be blue, let's make the rest of the text blue too. I will ties sure that I stop back again!. As for Lonesome and the polar bear - well, they ended up getting their happily ever after too.

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I even have it recorded on VHS somewhere, but for the life of me, I cannot remember where the tape is. But I was only seven or eight when I was first learning how to set the timer on the VCR, and I ended flf making one fatal error.

Instead of recording the show I wanted to watch on channel three, I accidentally had the dial set on channel four, meaning that I recorded the wrong show!

Not that any of it was Small One's fault, mind you. Twenty-five different blog entries dedicated to holiday specials, festive music singles, Christmas movies, and more, more, more!

Posted by Matthew W. No wonder Small One felt as though he was doing more harm than good when the other elves were treating him like an annoyance. And, you know how Bluetoes was the inspiration behind the tradition of filling up stockings with all sorts of goodies.

Don't walk on snow barefoot. Needless to say, I got lucky! Christtmas, by this point of the show, I'm ready for Small One and Lonesome to tell those snobbish elves what they really think of them, hop the nearest flight to Jamaica, and enjoy the rest of their lives in a warm, sunny, climate, away from their frosty personalities. This is a great website.

A POP CULTURE ADDICT'S GUIDE TO LIFE: Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf

I can't believe that we're already on the last day of November already. I had actually wanted to record a show from channel three. Your toes will not turn blue.

And, as we close out the month of November, I imagine some of you in the United States are finishing off the last of your Thanksgiving leftovers. Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf.

Small One / Bluetoes

We'll discuss it after you're finished watching the whole program! But with it being December 24th, there was no way that Santa would have had time to drop Lonesome off.

Saturday, November 30, Bluetoes, the Christmas Elf. And, it also didn't help that the older elves of the village kept passing Small One around to other elves as if he were a hot potato. He loved Santa and the other elves, and he just wanted to do his part to make sure that Christmas ran smoothly.

Until Small One realizes that he still has a pocket full of the tiny toys that he picked from the baby trees some days earlier. Anyway, the story of Bluetoes begins tods quite a sad tale at first. Of course, after I watched Bluetoes In Bluetoes, toys are not built Just because it happens in a cartoon, doesn't mean it happens in the real world.

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