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As is the case on the Android and iPhone iteration, it features plenty of editing tools to make your picture shine. It's easy to find out as anyone in your address book using Tango shows up in your contact list automatically. You can also add a varied selection of filters, called 'Looks'.

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Android Apps and Games. Rather than cutting MP3s down to 50 seconds and copying them through Zune by hand, use EasyRing to find free ringtones online, try them out and save them to your phone two separate steps, by the way. Where does this leave Windows 10 Phone users? Aplcativos has the edge with fast app that switching means you don't lose track of where you are wondows the stream of tweets when you switch to another app, and you can pin live tiles for replies and direct messages. However, Microsoft has made it known that it will no longer add new features, concentrating on bug fixes and security patches instead.

Phoone official Foursquare app lets you pin live tiles for 'places' and 'specials' and it supports multitasking so it's faster to switch back from other apps, but we prefer widows and Mayor which has much nicer live tile options. The Mango version of the official app has a clean and simple Metro interface for getting more details, including a nicely tiled picture section. Best Windows 10 apps.

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Mango lets you have your own music as ringtones. Being able to upload photos directly to Flickr is handy although this can be infuriatingly slow but what's most useful in wwindows Mango update of the official Flickr app is being able to pin live tiles for your photostream and for updates from friends who dindows linked their Flickr account to Windows Messenger so new pictures don't show up in the What's New page.

As a result, Windows 10 Phone users might be feeling a little bereft.

VLC supports multi-track audio aplidativos subtitles, speed control. All of these actions only require one or two taps of the screen to completely transform your snaps, making it easy for even the novice to use. Get cool battery charging animated indicators like samsung lockscreen animations. You can also download any MP3 file you can find on the Web and crop that to length on the phone.

The Windows Phone version, still in public beta at the time of writing, offers improved search, faster performance and a revised UI. And when you search on Bing, you can swipe across for a list of matching notes aplicxtivos Evernote.

File Manager for Windows Phone 7. Login with Google Forgot your password? Mark This Forum Read.

Photo Editor proPhoto Editor by Aviary. Enjoy playlists you've already set up, search for tracks to listen to or add them to a specific playlist, or listen to friends' playlists.

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Find All Thanked Posts. Are you a developer? You can also add a varied selection of filters, called 'Looks'. The app has a media library for audio and video files, a complete audio library, with metadata fetching. See more Mobile phones news. Use Yapf to search Google - and see the places on Bing, complete with directions, or get an augmented reality view that overlays the results on the view in front of you, so you can see which of the pubs you can see in the distance is the one you're heading for.

You can stream tracks or save playlists to your phone to listen offline, you can go back and see what you've listened to recently, and while Spotify has its own player with options for sharing and starring tracks you can also use the standard Windows Phone volume and play controls without switching back to the app.

While Windows 10 Mobile Windows Phone is no longer going to be supported by Microsoftmany businesses and individuals still use Windows-running phones. You can pin templates which can include tasks like taking a photo and saving it as a note with some boilerplate text - ideal for recording receipts, business cards, wine labels or anything similar.

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Applications and games designed for Windows Phone 7. The app allows users to securely commmunicate with other users via their smart devices.

Crop, adjust red eye, white balance, contrast, noise, tone and much more, it's a must-have, even if you're not an avid photographer. The latest update allows users to store personal information and identity documents in the cloud.

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