Conversation with thaksin

It was a huge transaction and struck many Thais the wrong way; it was almost like selling your national-security communications to the highest foreign bidder. Whatever happens, Yingluck would appear to be a game lady with a lot of energy. Will the next King of Thailand be able to bear his constitutional duties? Hkudo88 rated it really liked it Nov 14,

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I used to talk to them [the poor] when I was a young boy. Most of them are poor.

Project MUSE - An Exiled Leader Breaks His Silence: A Conversation with Thaksin Shinawatra

If we were to compare the whole organization of society to a human body, then when parts of it are dying, how can the whole body be strong? This is not true.

Natapope Sarakhette rated it really liked it Jul 22, They said that they want reconciliation. Trivia About Conversations wit And so I wonder what he would say to this now: Articles Contributors Links Articles on Wiyh Shinawatra Displaying all articles Under military rule, social order is attained at the expense of economic growth while elected governments usually lead to political turmoil.

Conversations with Thaksin: Thailand's Populist Tycoon - Prime Minister? or Prime Suspect?

The government, for example, should provide computer tablets for every child that cannot afford one. If they have been brought up better than their parents, or if their parents can do better in bringing them up than their grandparents, they will be better off.

Another needed reform, Thaksin believes, involves government compensation. So much is an outcome of good nutrition, good education, and good opportunities.

Conversations with Thaksin

When I came to power, because I climbed up via my business success, I know that, OK, we should do something, we should help them. You cannot be one nation anymore. But he feels her roots growing up in rural Thailand have not been washed away by her success. Mon Waiprib rated it it was amazing Jan 21, The soft-spoken former prime minister of Thailand has been in self-imposed exile since his ouster a decade ago, but from his primary residence in Dubai, his words still reverberate across Southeast Asia.

Available editions Global Perspectives. But I think that was one of the best [constitutions] Thailand ever had.

I may not be in as good a position to trigger reconciliation as her. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Thaksin is her biggest cheerleader, of course: But we want them to be able to breathe and flourish, but instead [in Thailand] they are drowning. How can we give them opportunities, give them some hopes? But … this [alleged offense] was at a public auction for the displaced asset, which does not belong to the government.

You have to help the rural areas to prosper. My good part is being very constructive and creative in my thinking. We sith to have a very modern constitution, which was implemented induring my administration.

Laurie rated it it was ok Jan 09, That was my wife. Thailand's Populist Tycoon - Prime Minister? Pawena rated it liked it Feb 04, Irene rated it liked it Aug 15, Siripon rated it liked it Jun 14,

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