Counter strike superhero mod

Global Offensive Store Page. I loved the Superhero mod in 1. Start a New Discussion. Find More Posts by Marc

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BB code is On. Played about 1k hours of that with friends.

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I want to recreate this with GO if possible. Cooldown [seconds] Updated translation file for cooldown text v1. I just had two I wanted and my best one was abrakazam if I remember correctly. If no, does anyone know if there is anything under development? Mime I completely flipped my shit. They do exist, i see every time i refresh the server browser. Page mos of 5. Not that I know of, but if it was in Source, it's probably ported into GO too. Switch to Hybrid Strikf.

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Super Hero Counter Strike Servers | TopG Servers List

I'd love to get this game mode going again! With each level, you are able to select a superhero and gain their power. Start a New Discussion. Great mod with a lot of great memories from CS1. Im currently not an active sourcemodder, i'm not gonna add any new features to this mod for now.


Global Offensive Store Page. Last edited by Peyko.

The super hero mode was really addictive, it was fun too being able to go to spots on the map you normally could not, same with the wc3 mod. When I picture the superhero mod I imagine Vittu and Yang. Find More Posts by Rachnus.

What happened to all the fun modes from such as Superhero mod, WC3? : GlobalOffensive

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 comments. But I guess that's not the droids you're looking for? Been following your videos!

You can buy Grandmaster twice? Publicir has a server which coynter has a decent amount of players on it. I made a whole bunch of scripts for switching pokes on the fly and when someone finally agreed to let me catch their Mr. Just startup css and enjoy the funmodes.

Super hero mod

Go that I've gone on a couple times. WC3 strke of made it to CS: Heroes added more utility rather than stupid godlike powers.

Sometimes I have to let my browser idle for 5minutes just to get some of my favorites to finally pop up.

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