Eee pc 900 linux

In order to maintain its minuscule dimensions, ASUS left the tight keyboard intact. This only-what-you-need desktop is also refreshingly free of clutter and bloatware. They'll all work fine.

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It works OK I guess. You don't have to settle for an OS that's a bad fit for your netbook — there are numerous alternatives, some of which can provide a near-laptop experience. Free, Libre and open source software FLOSS linxu that everyone has the freedom to use it, see how it works, and change it. I'd suggest arch or crunchbag.

I've got older Eee PC 16G, I'd try Linux Lite: PC Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

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Microsoft later persuaded manufacturers to include Win 7 starter on some of them with even faster processors later as with the Atom CPU your netbook came with. For historical purposes, linud Eee PC models appear to be solely responsible for Microsoft's decision to continue selling Windows XP some years back IOW, Asus came up with a neat idea using an inexpensive netbook running Linux instead of Windows.

Another one gets the Linux Treatment

BB code is On. All times are GMT The Eee PC 's Canon RF 35mm F1.

The sub-notebook's battery life also left much to be desired. Find More Posts by rokytnji View Blog.

What OS should I put on my Asus eeePC ? : linux

I was using crunchbang on mine which was wonderful. Vertical viewing angles were poor; simply tilting the screen caused a glare. Debian 9 Stretch Posts: This Eee PC-focused distribution might ljnux be the best Linux for the netbook.

Last edited by jamesgdupuy; at Web pages fit well on the screen and required little to no horizontal scrolling.

Google Pixel 3 sample gallery. We would prefer two dedicated buttons with more tactile response. I later tried lots of different netbook oriented distros on it, and ended up using Mepis with it's KDE desktop on top of a Debian base as I used on my desktop computersas I never was very fond of 9000 netbook specific User Interfaces.

10 solid Linux distributions for your netbook

So you'll want to favor distributions that offer a version specifically for the netbook. It is stable, reliable, secure, and has TONS pv available packages more than 20, to install.

If I were going to upgrade it right this minute, I'd install Linux Lite on it. Policy The Channel Fujitsu: I use Debian on a comparable eeePC.

Did someone mention Brexit?

Yep, we're ringing from a handset. No spamblog submissions - Posts that are identified as either blog-spam, a link aggregator, or an otherwise low-effort website are to be removed. Salix open box or Salix fluxbox 9000 another option based on slackware.

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