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Managing Authentication Providers Sharepoint certification material pointers? Here we examine search architecture, perform initial service application configuration, and learn how to deploy search center sites.

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In this nugget we set the stage for the rest of the training. Specifically, we learn how to manage quotas, ascertain and resolve server health issues by using the SharePoint Health Analyzer, and finally we discover how to configure and analyze Unified Logging Service ULS logs.

Another priceless aspect to nugbets material is that each lesson contains wonderful demonstrations. We learn all about this technology here, including why sandboxed solutions are such a great idea; namely, sandboxed code enabled farm administrators to delegate the ability to add custom code to a site collection while at the same time protect the integrity of the servers upon which the code runs.

Identifying and Resolving Health and Performance Issues. In this nugget we perform a deep-dive into the SharePoint object model, paying particular attention to what Web applications are and how to create and manage them.

By the time you've finished watching, you'll have a solid grasp of how to manage AND develop for the SharePoint platform.

Configuring Web Application Settings. Exporting Lists and Sites.

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We also cover some cogent examples of service applications: We will review the Microsoft certification portfolio for SharePointunderstand best-practice approaches to using the training series, and then discuss test-taking tips for the exam.

We also improve SharePoint server performance by tweaking object caching and content databases.

In this nugget we cover some techniques to prevent users from overloading your SharePoint servers and associated content databases. Excel Services and PowerPoint Services. Configuring Index and Search Part 2 In this nugget we conclude our deep-dive into SharePoint backup and restore. Hope this helps and Good Luck! These two items will refer you to some other great materials that I would recommend you reviewing, such as the "Professional SharePoint Administration" book.

Configuring Service Applications Part 2 Managing Accounts and User Experience In this nugget we continue our discussion of SharePoint service application infrastructure. Administering Managed Metadata Ccbt.

Here we move from granular bct and restore to more global backup and restore architectures.

This Is NOT A Dating Site!

We also learn how to tweak site permissions to grant SharePoint users the ability to perform customizations. Configuring SharePoint Farms Part 2 As they say, a picture is worth a words. Here we examine the fundamental content container in SharePoint the site collection.

We also understand the very hot technology of claims-based authentication, and finally cover how to store user credentials in the Secure Store Service, which is the successor to the Single Sign-On service in MOSS In this nugget we continue our trolley ride through the SharePoint object model. SharePoint Server puts Microsoft Office workflow under your command. In this nugget we open up a two-part miniseries on SharePoint backup and restore. We conclude this nugget by introducing a technology that we will xbt several times throughout the remainder of the training: Nubgets, we learn how to roll out a nifty new feature in SharePoint called multi-tenancy.

Performing a New Installation.

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