Ieee papers on cloud computing

The conference will provide an international forum for discussing the latest developments in the field of computational medicine, biomedical informatics and related fields. Grid Computing started as a generalization of Cluster Computing, promising to deliver large scale levels of parallelism to high-performance applications by crossing administrative boundaries. Teamwork, collaboration and patient-centered care; Learning-based biomedical information systems; Ontologies, terminologies and language processing; Grid and cloud computing in biomedicine and life sciences; Intelligent patient management; Endcomputer driven simuloscopic image processincomputer driven simulg and analysis; Processing and managing medical data streams; Emerging smart technologies for individualised healthcare; Computer-assisted analysis of capillaroscopic images; Bioinformatics; Image processing for ophthalmology; Security and privacy in healthcare IT; Data and information quality in healthcare management; Fetal monitoring signal analysis; Patient centric health and social care; Medical education. Regular and special track presentations will cover a broad range of issues on computer-based medical systems: