Carry on nurse

June 1, Rating: Norman Rossington as Norm. Hattie Jacques as Matron.

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Ted is also discharged and makes a date with Nurse Denton. Anthony Sagar as 1st Ambulance Man.

He offers the men in the ward cary champagne he was going to drink with his girlfriend. Jill Ireland as Jill Thompson. Carry On Nurse is the second in the series of Carry On films with 31 entries.

Carry On Nurse - Film - British Comedy Guide

Jill comes to see Oliver and they admit that they care for each other. As each man waits for his recuperation or procedure to be carried out, tensions begin to rise - and it's not long before fellow patients are giving Bell a hand to get out of hospital before he misses a romantic get-away!

For starters, there's champion boxer Bernie Bishop, in with a broken wrist inflicted when delivering a knockout blow, and not too pleased by the length of his enforced stay; private patient The Colonel, in a side nudse of his own, who's a gambling obsessive; nuclear physics student Oliver Reckitt, who is far from amused by distractions from his study; Jack Bell, sick of carr long wait for a mere bunion removal; and Ted York, caery journalist suffering from appendicitis who swiftly falls for the beautiful Nurse Denton.

The Sunday Times They all get drunk and decide to remove the bunion themselves.

Carry On Nurse () - Photo Gallery - IMDb

Marianne Stone as Mrs. Films directed by Gerald Thomas. She gives him a bar of nougat as a gift, but later that evening it makes him sick. Brian Oulton as Henry Bray. Carry On Nurse Much to the nurses' frustration, the patients at Haven Hospital have no intention nursse lying quietly whilst awaiting surgery or recovery.

Season 2 DC's Legends of Acrry Michael Medwin as Ginger. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Kenny Williams as Oliver Reckitt.

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One of their early features, this entry from British comedy group Carry On has the actors play the patients and staff in a hospital, as the men's ward decides to cause trouble with everyone in the vicinity. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The other nurses are incessantly having to respond to the calls of the Colonel Wilfrid Hyde-Whitewho has a private room. Joan Sims as Stella Dawson. Season 11 The Flash: Bernie urges Oliver to admit how he really feels about her. Harry Locke as Mick. He realises that Nurse Denton is in love with a doctor, but that her interest is not returned.

Ted is given a bed and is instantly smitten with Nurse Denton Shirley Eaton. Kenneth Connor as Bernie Bishop. Views Read Edit View history. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Bernie is met by his young son and they leave together.

nhrse As usual, she is let down by Nurse Dawson Joan Simsa clumsy probationer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Matron runs Haven Hospital with a rod of iron.

The night nurse is tied up and Hinton pretends to be her while the others go to the operating theatre.

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