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International Cricket Captain' by Empire Interactive is a management video game based on the sport of cricket. With its realistic game play and very detailed graphics, Cricket Captain presents players with a fresh challenge and plenty to keep them interested and engaged. As the umpire denied what seemed like endless lbw appeals, it began to seem unbelievable that he was right every single time. Its simplicity is a virtue at a time when other sports management sims are becoming increasingly complex. This latest version is an updated and improved installment to the popular franchise that many proclaim as the best cricket management series of all time.

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Download Cricket Captain All international Test playing nations and Zimbabwe also feature, as well as all One Day International playing teams though these are unplayable. Retrieved July 17, But Cricket Captain is still just a speck of inspiration away from being a seriously great sports management game.

During lbw appeals, for example, the umpire sometimes hesitates over making decisions: No thanks Submit review. This game will heavily challenge your critical thinking skills because at some point you have to make crucial decision at a very crucial time.

Cricket Captain for Android - Download

I really love that through this game I can have the chanc More This is a very challenging and exciting cricket based game. Android Games Sports Cricket Captain Cool Game for Sports Fans Cricket Captain is the eagerly awaited instalment in a series of catpain based games that first began in the year If they have accrued enough points they are invited to coach the England team.

The new engine replaces the original graphic highlights which were retained for each of the previous versions of the game, save minor cosmetic tweaks. An all-too-familiar, spruced up time sink". These changes are arguably a result of the competition that International Cricket Captain now faces from the popular Cricket Coach series, developed by Rockingham Software.

Included, and available to take control of, are 79 teams from 5 domestic leagues. Picking the Perfect Team One of the great things about Cricket Captain is that unlike many games of this type, players are not urged to pay through the nose for in app purchases. Do you recommend it?

Cricket Captain - Download

Have Your Say Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. There also remains no voice from the fans. The updated 3D match engine provides some crisp and realistic graphics and animations which add to the feeling of realism. Taking inspiration from the hugely successful Championship Manager series of games which were also captaln by Brian Walker, most aspects of a management sim are present in ICCwith the ability to coach players on their individual skills, scout opposition and buy and sell players at the end of each season.

The player crricket a new points total each season based on their performance.

User reviews about Cricket Captain To keep things interesting there are also numerous achievements to work towards. The player must guide their chosen County Championship side through an English cricket season, playing English county cricket as well as regular first class matches.

An aspect other games excel is in giving a mass database of characters personalities. Don't leave without your download! Although the overall theme of the game is basically the same as with the other games in the series, there captaib enough fresh content here to make this instalment fresh and give gamers everything to play for.

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International Cricket Captain is a cricket video gamethe edition of the International Cricket Captain series. There is also an added option in later games in the ICC series to take control of one of the other Test playing nations.

There is also a pool of overseas players from which the player can sign only one, in line with the regulations of the time. Test cricket newbies, Ireland and Afghanistan, are available in career mode for the first time. Everyone just enjoy playing this game. Softonic review Cricket Captain is the eagerly awaited instalment in a series of cricket based games that first began in the year I first played this game in my smartphone then my younger broth ICC III was released on 6 July including a new algorithmic method of calculating player performances and a 3D match engine with motion captured shots.

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