High velocity bowling

It is HVB's focus on the player's skill that makes it a bowling game for gamers and it must be mastered to achieve the high scores needed to reign supreme in single player 'Challenge Mode' and in online matches. Nice to see a review that admits that the Move controls are non-intuitive, but not actually BAD. The loungy music is low-key, and of course it can be replaced by anything you'd like.

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The audio effects are strong, but the speech is velcity. It's fairly easy to pick your angles and pretend to throw the ball, but nailing the perfect angle for consistent strikes isn't. However, for anyone who has invested time into the intricacies of HVB's controls, competing against a player who takes this approach is about as much boling as playing against someone who repeatedly unleashes leg swipes in Super Street Fighter IV.

Sure, the basic idea is similar to stuff on other consoles, but the execution is definitely unique enough that both games can happily co-exist. One other little incentive to pick up the game: The only challenging aspect of the SIXAXIS controls is having to yigh R2 or L2 to create spin on the ball, especially as this involves having to reach down to L2 with your little finger.

Online play would have been nice, although leaderboards are a nice gesture, but something tells me HVB will either play some part vvelocity Home when it finally gets released there's an option to buy new characters on the main menuor it's being kept intentionally slim so as to keep from encroaching too much.

High Velocity Bowling®

Staff Profile Twitter Reply. The game was released in for the PlayStation veloocity. Very pleased with how it handles, and its so easy to add spin.

This is when the on-screen power meter indicates the strength, so when you are satisfied you release the trigger to launch the ball. The game was released in the PAL region obwling May 6, About the only thing High Velocity Bowling and the little bowling part of Wii Sports have in common is the fact that they both involve knocking pins over with a ball and that they both use an underhand pitching motion to do it.

Online head-to-head play would have been nice, but overall, HVB is surprisingly decent. Press the Move button to set this arrow in place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Though High Velocity Bowling is a little short on overall content and no, offering to let us buy more characters isn't really what we had in mindit's a fun little game to fire up and play with friends. However, you must still rank first in 'Tournament' mode which by the third Gatdula Open involves consistently bowling a scoreas well as achieving a blue star participation achievement in 'Trick Shots'.

High Velocity Bowling® Game | PS3 - PlayStation

I am curious to see if Brunswick Pro Bowling will get a better score or not, I am betting it will get an 8. These challenges can be tournaments, matches or trick shots, where the objective is to get a strike while following a certain road.

Move the wand from side to side to position a marker on the foul line, and press the Move button to set the marker point. It seems that San Diego Studio has been stubborn in its attention to detail, right down to the oil coating pattern on the lane, so has designed the spin element of the controls to be appropriately demanding. As you hold down T and begin to reach the apex of your swing, rotate your wrist either left of right to put the spin on the ball.

Its so much easier to get the right strength and spin on the ball, and i know my daughter will love it because of that. I downloaded this ages ago, but never got very good at it. Thankfully participating in 'Trick Shots' is not difficult; perhaps SCE realised that challenges such as curving a ball through the legs of a foldaway steel chair, to spin it back in for a strike, are especially troublesome.

There are definitely a lot of skillful players online though, I've unlocked later characters but I play controlling Barry because I like his spin, even though he is not the best of the characters.

Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment Online gamers gravitate towards the Gutter Ballers and Beginner Rama sections, velocitg when velofity includes playing a gamer who bowls eleven strikes in a row, you realise that you're not competing with amateurs.

The game received "average" reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. If you do not want to feel like you are taking a ride in a Dawn of the Dead lift hit the Select button, turn the music down and then head to the XMB to play along to your own tunes. Views Read Edit View history. I got the Move Patch, but still don't actually have a Move, so I can't try it.

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Bowling is a fun sport when translated into a video game and PSN High Velocity Bowling is well priced to offer nowling to its content, including a fun showdown during a local four player competition. The Move may be bowliny accurate, but I think the Wiimote is a much better controller. To truly master this game you must search for a variety of sweet spots to connect with the ten pins, that when hit result in a consistent strike.

There are details about HVB I didn't cover here, for example as well as unlocking characters, you can unlock better balls and new costumes, plus there are pleasing touches like when the Motion controller's orb flashes colours if you get a strike.

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