Accu chek logbook

The data can be displayed in scattered view or table view. Most valuable to me, at a glance, is my average self-explanatory, right? Is that nice or what?

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When you archive qccu than once, click Do you want to archive the current device settings? The reports available within the system are described below. So you have duplicates!

Setting Patient Profile Options. Diabetes App Do something good for your diabetes with mySugr mySugr makes diabetes suck less — during crazy adventures or even just a normal workday. If you are not eligible for reimbursement via carepath, you may obtain your test strip in the pharmacy with a prescription. The graph can be displayed in overlay viewsequential viewtable viewor statistics view.

Click Reports to view a list of other available reports for that patient.

Ahhh… You've found bliss!

If the personal user and their healthcare provider are sharing data, the reports can loggbook viewed between office visits and the data does not need to be downloaded from a meter at each office visit.

Getting Test Strips Getting the correct test strips is simple. Here are some of my favorites:. Your HCP will determine how many test strips you need. To change patients, click Switch Patient in the upper-right section of the screen.

Automatic Logging Is it too good to be true? Give them a few seconds to communicate logook see if the synchronization happens automatically. Select a patient on the Home page to view their Patient Summary report.

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The graphs can be displayed in scattered view or table view. Now expand the arrow… Nice, right? The Pattern List reveals patterns of high or low BG levels.

Contact your physician or diabetes wccu. In order for your BG results to be tracked by the Patterns feature, you must flag the results as before or after meal.

Viewing Reports

Backend Merge But you can also save a step by adding another new entry with your carbs, insulin, meal photos, other notes, etc. Is that nice or what? The report is updated every time data is downloaded from a device, so you should archive a report if you want to save specific settings.

Logbolk been active in the diabetes social media space for nearly fifteen years and blogs privately at scottsdiabetes. You even have a beautiful picture of your meal to compare.

Target ranges may vary from device to device; you may want to change your target ranges acck they are the same on all devices. Edit Entries After a blood sugar result is sent to mySugr, you can edit it as desired add carbs, insulin, notes, etc.

The steps below cover the basics of getting connected. This depends a little bit on where you live, and where you got your meter from.

In order to generate this report, Patterns must be turned on. With that, you can see exactly what you did last time you were there and decide what to do. A High Chekk consists of 3 or more results above the target range with the same meal flag in the last 7 days.

The Diary report displays all uploaded and manually-logged events, organized by day. The readings should transfer once communication is established.

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