Archos gamepad games

The Bard's Tale by inXile entertainment. Inotia 4 by Com2uS Free. Trial Xtreme by Deemedya m. Tested with Skyrim, Darksiders and Quantum Conundrum. OnLive by OnLive Free.

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Tested with Skyrim, Darksiders and Quantum Conundrum. Please note that we are not maintaining this ganepad anymore due to the lack of support from the manufacturer. Line Runner by Djinnworks e.

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Archos GamePad

The only issue is that it was mouse controlled and mouse seems to be very clunky. Tinboy Joyride by Defcon Studio Free. You can test with the free edition, they use the archhos mechanics Ma quali sono questi giochi?

I tried out a game and it started up at full speed. This is my emulator of choice for the PlayStation system, even though it costs gameoad. Zombiewood by Gameloft Free.

Games for Archos GamePad

Samurai Tiger by BerkBox Free. Dungeon Hunter 3 by Gameloft Free. Archos GamePad Android portable console review Part 4: The Adventures of Tintin by Gameloft. Race Of Champions by Invictus Free.

More importantly, though, most emulators support physical key mappings. Need to use last control option then map buttons to those positions. This site uses cookies: Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios Free. Frodo C64 by Arnaud Brochard Free. Retro Game Boy and Advance by codlab Free.

Stardash Free by OrangePixel Free. Friday, October 26, If this is considered full xrchos, then I would hate to see half support. Minecraft - Pocket Edition by Gampad.

ARCHOS FAQ - [GamePad 2] What games are compatible with the GamePad 2?

Please gajepad to post your data on this page. Star Legends by Spacetime Studios Free. The movement controls are terrible, buttons are sometimes mixed up. Children of Carnia by Com2uS Free.

Zombie Dash by Italy Games Free. Traktor Digger by Kurius Games Free.

Now I can safely say it happened. Zombie killer by Ace Viral Free. Third Blade by Com2uS Free.

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