Html templates for school website

Animated counters and smooth scroll effects keep the users engaged. It has all the trendy elements and design layouts needed for an education website in this era. And you can customize the overall web design using them for creating something truly remarkable.

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With the intuitive design of the template, you can clearly explain about your institution and the unique features you have.

High School Responsive Website Template

For a website that you can customize almost in its entirety and the one that comes with loads of predefined elements, you need Kids Pro school website template. This theme gives you features like hover effects, carousels, gallery and a separate section to display about the teachers in the school. The school website must need to manage all the students, track their activities, and students teacher interactions.

The education full of content blocks, helps you to tell more about your services and courses to the visitors. They are ready for you to htkl them with whatever you deem necessary. In the free version, the only thing you can customize is the logo. Just like with any other websites for school, Kids Pro also shows you how easy web design can be. Designers will find it easy enough to use this template for designing the most innovative pages.

Since this template is designed for online course offering websites you have price tags in this template for the courses; you can easily edit them to fit your needs. The clean white background makes the colorful web elements even more colorful and also increases readability of the texts.

25 Best Free Education Website Templates [HTML & WordPress]

You will also gain access to a dedicated team ready to help you with any problems and answer all of your questions, every single day. It has everything you need to grow into the future. The footer section of the template is made big enough tem;lates put all your page links and small widgets.

Since this is a business website template you get a plenty of interactive elements to keep the visitors on your site and you can also narrate your services beautifully to the visitors. Leave a Reply Cancel comment reply Your email websihe will not be published. Though the homepage of websits template is not as long as the Genius template mentioned above, it uses modern web elements effectively to let you more cshool within the given space.

The top navigation bar is kept sticky for better user navigation, but if you need you can customize it easily.

To get an even better idea before selecting a template for your site feel free to check out our other themes and templates collections. You get interactive elements like hover effects, counters, and interactive map at the contact section.

Just below the header, you have space to showcase some of the best courses you offer. Intense Multipurpose Website Template. This free education website template gives you features like big header image section, parallax scrolling, clean hover effects, neatly designed price table and simple icons.

21 Best Students-Friendly School Website Templates - Colorlib

Whatever you wish an educational website would and should have, Learnedu delivers it. Furthermore, it also has two different menu styles to create the look and feel that you are in need of.

You also get plenty of space for adding images. For more advanced options you have either get a pro version or in the case of WordPress template you have to get a premium plugin for features like Learning Management System.

Get your students familiar with your offerings using both the courses and the courses details page and help them reach their full potential. This theme also supports a small flash news elements that you can see in some education templates.

Your email address will not be published. Whether it is schools and universities or your business solely relies on online teaching, Edusite is waiting to sort you out with a solid web presence. Education is one of our leading and most sophisticated free WordPress templates for everything teaching and learning related.

Edulab is built with Bootstrap grid system for a stable, elegant and responsive end product. But this ofr just a small percentage of what you get with this solid website canvas. Shapely is our outstanding free WordPress template which is as versatile as you wished it would be. Leave a Reply Cancel comment reply Your email address will not be published.

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