Autocad 2013 template

The titleblock will not be visible from the Model tab, but it will be visible in the Layout tab s in both Modelspace and Paperspace and it will always remain "flat" because Paperspace is only 2D. I need our template to be flat ie 2d and then be able to have 3d drawings inside our 2d template. Edited June 1, by Dadgad. Welcome to the forum. Already have an account?

Apple ibook g4

I absolutely loved how I did not have to show him my receipt, or retell him my info. The original iBook's only customer-serviceable parts were the RAM and AirPort card, accessed via two slots under the keyboard. The most commonly needed info is "open" by default, but all info is important. When the lid was closed, the hinge kept it firmly shut, so there was no need for a latch on the screen. I am far from becoming a rabid Apple fanatic, but I can definately understand the strong appeal and value of the new iBook.