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Tolis Stamos August 9, at 1: The player can also be able to use Batman cape to ground the city. The Forgotten Sands remains the storyline of the previous video games with another excellent addition to the series.

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Bring back the main forum list. The game lets the player get into the role of the protagonist and start to navigate theā€¦.

Coolyfett Follow Forum Posts: The game improved combat system including different kinds of weapons and more powerful enemy creatures. Would you play osp pure Batman game on PSP?

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Everyone getting a Batman game except for the PSP community! As if Arkham Asylum would work on handhelds. I don't know what's your touch with free Psp games downloads but I was amazed of the number of results I got, there are unquestionably thousands of separate sites claiming to supply you with free Psp games! Looking for Free Psp games download? Now that you have this vatman

Lanbeforetime Follow Forum Posts: I dont think that will happen anytime soon. Oh yeah, my bad: Coolyfett has a point Its too much for a psp to handle, and if it were ported, it would probablly be a watered down "handheld edition. The Forgotten Sands remains the storyline of the previous video games with another excellent addition to the series. Coolyfett fully supports the idea of the PSP getting more games, no matter what other crap another firm is doing.

I must say I found the site to be very informative and arkhham, I could unquestionably find what I was looking so hard and so long for! This topic is locked from further discussion. Coolyfett would support this game when it comes out. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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After spending quite a fortune buying Psp games I got to a point where I realized it can't go on like that, I can't keep on spending so much money on my Psp, so I went to look for a way in which I could still get new Psp games but won't have to spend as much.

Arkham Asylum that offers third-person view shown the character on the screen. The game allows the player to as both main ariham such as the King Kong and Jack Driscoll depend on the game scenario. Suffice it to say, I wasn't happy with what I found Its unwise to hate on a Batman title coming to the PSP.

Those with no Pc threats had no real choice mainly consistent of homebrew games or had awful download speed. As for whether or not it'll happen, well that's a different story Arkyam Like Prince of Persia: Now so far they have used 1 of the Gamers will join the storyline as the Prince on his strategy to visit his brother Malik to learn about what is required to rule a kingdom.

My Pc security detected spyware and even viruses on many of the sites I visited.

Can we get a Batman Arkham game to the PSP?

Ultimate Alliance was good, no reason that an Arkham Asylum game couldn't be done. They not the only franchise that ignores the psp, hopefully the elitest attitude of the PSP will fade. The system is awesome and can everything the systems can do. Huzaifa Irfan April 14, at 9: Please Log In to post.

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