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The site is redesigned, so if you're missing the page you came for, just browse or search! This 'channel' works on the same principle as Lynda, but is focused on one single subject: To see exactly what you get, head over to Eureka and watch all the video previews you want!

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There are currently 3 editions of the retouching book and a series of in-depth color eBooks in the works. You can download some ebook samplers from this site, and they are available at the Eureka Imaging Publications site. Compared to print books the PDF format is ideal.

Retouching Under Eye Bags 16 min. I spent lots of time in the darkroom throughout the nineties and early noughties, trying to create effects which later morphed into the digital version, after I one day traded a Photoshop lesson from old guru and old friend Maxwell Fergueson — for a haircut.


Urgency about finishing projects. My books and tutorials are about photography, and how to make a good photograph look amazing. The Search feature in Adobe Reader is like a super-index. Cinematic Style Treatment in Photoshop 52 min.

I found more satisfaction in gzrness others develop than to add to an already over-populated industry, where only sponsored rich kids or those who had really made it big-time could afford to be a photographers.

Greenery and Nature Subjects: The DVD is now selling out, to be replaced by the Gry Garness Video Channel, where the tutorials see above cover more or less the same subjects. Retouching Pet Photography 29 min.


Selective Color Adjustment In Photoshop 32 min. Urban Exteriors and Interiors Subjects: High Fidelity Retouching Case Study: These eBooks are crammed with techniques, ideas and guidance farness retouching. The last copies come with a complimentary 3-month subscription to the new videos.

I'm suspending my Photoshop training due to illness, but check out my ebooks and videos instead. Many warm thanks to all those who have followed my work over the years! The eBooks are optimized for Adobe Reader — a totally free utility!

Retouching has been my day-job for a decade. You can rent single training tutorials or subscribe. I admit that Ddv love photography more than retouching and I see retouching techniques more as solutions to image problems and optimisation for great images, rather than photoshopping as an end in itself. Using Gradient Map in Photoshop 10 min. Changing The Color Of Clothes 12 min. The Gry Garness eBooks on retouching and colour are written by a working retoucher and former fashion and advertising photographer with extensive experience of teaching retouching techniques.

The button will take you to the Eureka Imaging Publications site, where you can buy it, see a preview, see testimonials — or just get more info! This retouching DVD is geared towards professional photographers and intermediate-advanced retouchers working in editorial, advertising and social photography.

The books have proved to be a great source of new ideas and methods for thousands of digital operators, retouchers and graphic designers.

Minimizing Pores 20 min. Adding Eyelashes on Close-ups 21 min.


Hair Masks Using Color Adjustments 30 min. Retouching Lips 22 min.

The key to success in colour photography is knowing how colors affect each other. Making Hair Shine 11 min.

Color Managing Images 18 min.

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