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To find out how many credits you need and how much it will cost simply click the "License Now" button in the search results. Results for DJ Vocal Sounds. You have already downloaded:

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Make up to 5, copies Standard License B: See our ' Buy Download Credits ' page for full credit price details and discounts. For additional information, see our Royalty Free Music Help.

Results for DJ Vocal Sounds. Any additional feedback is appreciated optional: Email to a Friend. Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

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British English female says Clap your hands in an enthusiastic voice. Please note we will need proof of use redy order to give discounts Extended License covers: Make up to 1, Standard License E: License and download DJ vocal sounds, spoken phrases, voice effects for DJ sets, intros and drops.

Online Ad Delivery Advertising D: How much is this? Sorry but your account cannot be used for that action.

Voices and Vocal Sound Effects - Page 1

Rsady F to G: How much do tracks cost? You need to buy some credits to purchase this. Make unlimited copies Advertising A: Credits you buy never expire, you can use them anytime.

This license option allows for global, ongoing use on all known platforms with a single license fee. Thanks for your feedback. Please login or sign up to see your credit balance.

To narrow down your DJ vocals search you may wish to try one of our DJ sound effects subcategories Watch this short video voiced by Pete E for a guided tour Usage on local and independent stations is covered by our standard license. What can this be licensed for? Relevance Date added Random A to Z. To find out how many credits you need and how much it will cost simply click the "License Now" button in the search results. If you are unsure, have a requirement not covered here, a limited budget or special requirement please get in touch.

Voices and Vocal Sound Effects

The amount of credits needed varies depending on the length of the track. You have already downloaded: Selecting the Correct License Type. Browse handpicked quality stock sound effects for your multimedia projects. Download the unbranded preview. Click Buy Credits to do this.

British English female says Are you ready to make some noise in an enthusiastic voice. What will this cost?

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