Breath of fire 3 iso

I give Breath of fire 3 a 11 out of Actually it was my first. I have this game and play It over and over and still love this game.

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Breath Of Fire III

Makes me wanna go back in time, for when I had plenty of free time. Akpsp on I really love this game and still own the actual PS1 game. I wasn't really expecting much when I downloaded it, but it turns out this one is golden. Who knows after I play this "hidden gem" I think it's severely overlooked by the majority of people I'll probably play Star Ocean 2 again.

Breath of Fire III (USA) PSX ISO | Cdromance

Actually it was my first. I have fige game and play It over and over and still love this game. D now i will finish it I also converted it to an eboot using Popstation GUI beta 3. Get extra points, upload a screenshot.

I havent gotten too far into the game just yet, it seems like a very good game so far. Another 2 features it carries over from fige previous games are the unique skills each character possesses to interact with the wold: Almost everyone who tried this game gave good reviews, and so do I.

Breath of Fire III (USA) PSX ISO

Ryu with his new found friends are now making a living by stealing and mugging other people without remorse! One of the best titles for PSOne, if not the best. Bof3 uses a traditional turn based battle system which is quite common in the RPG world. Game Info Game Title: Log in to submit a comment. I give Breath of fire 3 a 11 out of Ryu, found himself alone again, without his friends at his side.

Breath of Fire III - PS1 - ISO Download |

The second game I ever owned, and still one of breth best ones I've ever owned. February 10, Genre: GarPhil on FF was good, Chrono Chross wasn't that bad either, heck even Legend of the Dragoon put up a good fight, but they just didn't stack up.

ViolentBadger on Awesome game, my all time favorite role playing game It jumps from 2D to 2. The Breath of fire series still goes on with a new entry 33 the RPG series: I haven't played that in years, and that was the only PS1 game I liked anywhere near this much!

XMAN on BOF 3 a interesting RPG play and quite amusing, just be prepared to get lost a lot since there is no decent map or lack of it and the camera uso make you rage, combine that with quite a number of enemies a lot of ffire and you have a game meant for those who regard patience as a virtue, but entertaining nonetheless.

Works great on pSX emulator. As if the trio of bandits could live in peace and happiness.

This is easily one of the best games ever made. The Breath of fire series still goes on with a new entry to the RPG series:. Scias on One of my favorite PS1 rpgs.

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