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Archived from the original on 24 December Then use the Tempo tab to refine the resulting tempo map The Lock button in the Waveform Editor title bar lets you use all of the familiar controls in DP's main transport panel to control playback and selection in the Waveform Editor. As long as the audio material is monophonic in the sense that it consists of a single instrument or voice such as a lead vocal or saxophone track , then you can apply a wide variety of tools in Digital Performer to adjust the pitch Pitch correction can be achieved by selecting the pencil tool and simply drawing in the corrections.

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What might take you hours of setup and tinkering with a real cabinet in a room with multiple mics will take just a few moments to set up on screen in your Digital Performer project.

Cons Navigation isn't always fluent. Archived from the original on 20 December Whether you're completing a surround sound DVD for which you will require hardwareor you just want to write a song and burn a CD or MP3 file, Digital Performer gets you there quickly with elegance and ease. Some prefer a more musical click sound, such as a side stick or closed hi-hat.

Introducing Digital Performer 9

It's very handy to be able to call these up without wading through vast plug-in folders. Choose as many sends as your needs require Mastering Mastering is the processing of preparing your song, album or other audio project for final delivery. Download the day demo DP9 for Mac. Just select it and use the Switch Staff command Sometimes, you'd like to preserve the way the MIDI data in your score plays back, but you'd like to adjust the way it looks as notation so that musicians can easily read it.

The Spectrogram display can be invaluable in helping you effectively balance and manage the perfomrer content of your mix over time. Pros In-line EQ and dynamics.

New guitar tones for Digital Performer 7

Want to tweak your signature vocal effects? Archived from the original on 12 March Seven new plug-ins for DP9 From vintage compression to mega synthesis, you'll use these plug-ins every day to take your productions from initial inspiration to final mastering. Lurking under the hood, however, are many powerful features, as well as many time-saving shortcuts Digital Performer delivers one of the most advanced digital audio mixing engines pegformer engineered. Design User Interface Vertically resizable track list gives you a clear look at each track's settings and graphic overview Streamlined window design allows windows to look clean and make digotal easy to see Zooming and navigation controls are unified throughout Live window resizing allows you to see the contents of the window as it is resized Waveform coloring options with 3 different styles available Freely resize the main Counter window to any size you wish, even digita the entire width of your screen, so you can stay in time, even from across the studio Both the counter in the main Control Panel and the Counter window can now display sequence ddigital.

Route time code anywhere in your system, at any standard frame rate. From big screen to home studio: This allows film and TV composers to collaborate more efficiently with music editors and better prepare for and performfr live perforemr sound stage scoring sessions By bringing these visual cues to the performeg desktop, without expensive and cumbersome additional hardware, Digital Performer also paves the way for anyone to conduct small to medium scale scoring sessions in their personal and project studios Film scoring events can be activated in the Preferences pane Streamers, punches and flutters are highly configurable.

Now you can instantly convert them to takes to begin using the new comping features right away Advanced Editing Tools The Digital Performer tool bar contains 4 audio editing tools to speed up your edits: Softube's Console 1 integrates a hardware console with premium plug-in processing, for real console feel.

MOTU Digital Performer 7 - Audio Production Software B&H

All of this can be quite demanding on your Mac, so you'll need a powerful machine to make the most of the more advanced real-time audio features. Digital Performer was originally designed as a front-end to Digidesign 's Audiomedia hard disk recording system, which later became Pro Tools.

For example, for a mix group, moving the volume sigital for one track in the group moves the faders in all tracks in the group FireWire QuickTime Video Playback and Frame Rates The movie window has the ability to output a DV-formatted QuickTime movie via FireWire You digifal then use a standard DV camera or FireWire conversion box to convert the FireWire video into composite video to view it as full screen video on a standard TV or video monitor - even on iMacs or laptops Digital Performer supports Notation MIDI Transcription Digital Performer employs an advanced notation transcription engine that allows you to play in your music percormer get the most accurate transcription available - instantly Advanced features include floating split points, dynamic hand-splitting, multiple voices per staff, and n-tuplet recognition The Straighten Swing feature displays swung eighths as straight eighths instead of triplets Advanced Tools If the notation display looks like a train wreck because it wasn't recorded to the metronome, DP's Adjust Beats feature lets you graphically drag beats and bar lines to line them up with MIDI note data - without digotal how it plays back Need to move a note in the piano part from the treble staff to the bass staff for proper hand positioning?

Beat Click makes clicks on regular beats or beat sub-divisions, just like the beat click that is part of a meter change event, except that a beat click event is independent of any meter change events Tacet Click silences clicking until the next click change event or meter.

Proprietary language for common elements 'Sound Bites' for audio, 'Chunks' for a group of open songs hampers understanding, and the plethora of confusing windows can be a frightening prospect to a newbie.

The compact interface can control any of DP's bundled EQs and compressors, including the MasterWorks series of vintage console EQs and dynamics models, which are certainly right up there with the best of bundled DAW plug-ins.

Digital Performer's specific appeal was its MIDI environment, which was fitted into the same transport system as the audio environment. Project Notes Save text notes directly in your project Now you can save text notes in your DP project, rather than in a separate text document. Home News New guitar tones for Digital Performer 7.

For example, you might have 7 or 8 different multi-track DP projects from which you are bouncing stereo mixes for an album. Zoom in on a specific level range for extremely detailed, hi-resolution level monitoring The wrap-around layout displays all meters in multiple rows that fit in the space available in the window for an instant bird's-eye view of all signal paths currently being viewed Meters turn red to clearly alert you when clipping occurs The entire meter changes color to be highly visible, even from across the room MIDI Keys The MIDI Keys window provides convenient, basic MIDI note entry - right at your fingertips Trigger synths and enter MIDI notes from your computer keyboard Step record MIDI notes without a MIDI keyboard Audio Click A click can be a very personal thing.

A faux Boss Chorus and tweakable wah pedal round things off. These DP7 guitar tones were designed by Luca Pilla.

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