Group calendar 4.1

True nobility is not superiority over your fellow man, instead it is superiority over your former self. Be warned that this addon is tricky to use with others that may modify some of the same UI components. Configure flashing notifications of important text. Bongos Action Bars that boast low memory usage as well as an easy setup. It is often required by other Addons because it allows easy additions to Tooltips.

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This backport Addon provided by: If you turn off the use of domain name in calendar IDs, you may see anomalous personal calendars appear.

Should be mostly insect-free. All text is completely configurable. Enhanced Tooltip This addon expands Mouse over Tooltips to provide additional information. If an Addon is Dependency Disabled because of Stubby, here it is. You can build custom Visual and Audio warnings for virtually any situation in the Game. Equip Compare Provides automated side by side comparison pop ups for gear when you hover your mouse over it. Almost every UI Window can be unlocked and moved with this Addon.

This one fell by the wayside because Recount was newer and being updated more regularly.

GroupCalendar v4.1

Deadly Boss Mods Provides additional warnings, sounds, pop-up messages and all sorts of other things for boss Encounters, particularly in Raids. The buttons gradually re-light with a clock like action and as the skills they represent become available. Ackis Recipe List Detailed information panel on what Recipes you have for calendwr Trade Skills and where to get the ones you are missing. I did my best to Include Ace with any Addons that require it, but if you have an Addon that is Dependency Disabled because you do not have Ace, then these grouo the droids you are looking for.

Completely movable, resizable and with it's own hotkeys separate from the Blizzard Action Bars. It displays Damage, Healing, Buffs and Debuffs. This is an older Addon that may be more compatible with TBC. Items are Searchable and link-able in Chat. The gruop module missing is Karazhan.

Group Calendar 4 : Group Calendar 4 Download : World of Warcraft AddOns

Grid Healer friendly Unit Frames. Fix for bug preventing creation of public calendars.

Configure flashing notifications of important text. Make sure to download the Compatibility plugin in order for this plugin to function correctly. This Addon automatically declines Duels. If you have problems with the download or decompressing The filtering is much better and there is a crafting Que where you can set up a whole batch and let it run.

So here it is. Although many Addons updated for 2. Note that all administrative functionality is accessed through the "Calendar Administration" selection on the Options page. This makes it easier to decide if the piece is an upgrade over what you are wearing.

Tankadin Assists with Paladin Tanking by calculating your defensive stats including Crushing Blow chance and reminding you of your Paladin specific Self Buffs. They provide handy libraries, particularly for things like the Options UI Windows.

This is an old favorite of mine.

This is another popular offering that caledar a cleaner more symbolic Interface. If all else fails, seek our help. The functionality is much like what Blizzard developed several expansions later.

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