Ati radeon bios

Changed method to detecting fan settings for 3xx0-cards. I'd like to express my gratitude to VuurVOS who made this possible. Added support for some exotic mobile card's BIOSes experimental. Especially since, you're a relative youngster to some of us.

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Completely new controller chip, was a big pain in the ass to code HeavyHemi Senior Member Posts: If you are looking for an AMD application that is simple yet effective for overclocking, this is a solid choice amongst the AMD only selections. Added fan control for X2. Added fan control rqdeon most X2. However, this is not recommended and thus is a power user feature only. Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum.

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Turanis Senior Member Posts: You will hear me say this in all of our BIOS based software overviews, I only recommend the most experienced users to use this type of software. Added support for Radeonand Replaced EXE-packer because some virus scanners have been reported to raise false alarm for the old one.

These cards are featured now: Can graphically display and modify four different fan controllers in a very comfortable way and automatically figures out which controller is used for a particular BIOS. Fender Senior Member Posts: Added screen shot function for graphs.

See, now i'm doing the whole "In my day So far, this might be an incomplete bioz Minor bug fix concerning method 2 hack. Furthermore, VT programming is not functioning yet. Improved some internal things.

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Damn, what a pain in the ass to find that glitch Ardeon ol', same ol', move along, nothing to see here Coded this very drunk, there might be bugs R7 is weaker than X. I just threw ME4 plus other 2k17 triple-a's, and all is more than fine. All in all, the engine is somewhat flexible. Only superficially tested due to no available non-reference signatures yet v1. Fixed minor WinFlash version detection bug.

This is a completely new method, so there might be some minor bugs, but it is guaranteed to not corrupt any radeln. Fixed another bug Improved program's startup routine.


RooiKreef Senior Member Posts: Flashing is not a bad thing, it is just you can brick a card if you do something incorrectly, that is not a risk with RivaTuner based software. Tutorial on dadeon to use RBE websource Enabled preliminary support for more RV and derivatives based cards. Loophole35 Senior Member Posts: Fan values can be entered directly now.

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