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As retail copies of Windows XP dwindle in supply, however, my assistant convinced me that it's time to consider the alternative with these caveats:. How do you undo all the operations? There are copies available, but you need to be careful. About Windows XP Professional SP3 Nothing is more disappointing than searching online for an all-new laptop or desktop computer, only to find out that you have a lot less freedom than you initially thought when it comes to choosing an operating system.

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If you find yourself in a situation where you absolutely need a Windows installation disc and your computer didn't come with one, your options are very limited indeed. If you have an image of your CD, you may be able to do more. Upgrade and other editions also appear to be available.

How and where can I get a copy of Windows XP?

When I installed it I was told it was not genuine by the Microsoft genuine checker thinggy. Not what you needed? I am another luddite who will only leave XP when forced to do so at gun point. You convert the virtual hard drive. It has so many more features than I had imagined. I kept this original disk, backed it up add infinitum and use wineows still today. I don't even know if my computer is refurbished.

Which can be used to record outside audio or video.

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After "retiring" inLeo started Ask Leo! You extracted the virtual hard disk.

This worked fine, installed and authenticated with out any problems thanks. Or they will until they run out. Have always activated first time.

Whether the software was pirated or misrepresented did not matter to PayPal. Use the default installation location and wait for the setup to complete:. Paypal sided with the vendor when I was sold bogus software, concentrating solely on whether the vendor delivered the software.

You will also get the keys for all other software currently on your machine to reinstall as well, regardless of whether you have the original packaging and keys stored and handy. Of course, the end user needs a valid Product Key in order for the operating system to pass muster with Windows Genuine Advantage. So XP is still useful here. Windoww Some larger retail stores still carry Windows XP.

Now they tell me.

Read our privacy policy. There are 3 official copies of this XP with 3 activation codes which went viral on the net when it was given to all government departments. Older versions of VirtualBox required a cp manual approach to network configuration. Product was what I wanted, I did vuy need software with all the updates included, and the price was fair. One laptop with XP. I also never buy branded PCs, prefering to have my machines spec built to my requirements and supplied totally software free.

How and where can I get a copy of Windows XP?

Even when they will not support it, it is still an unrestricted legal copy the world can use as it's released garenteed to everyone that it is LEGAL and can be given away to anyone to use [ it can even be upgraded free to 3 ].

Easiest is to call Microsoft for one of their products. At some point you'll need your Windows digitak CD. I contacted Microsoft and had to go thru a whole bunch of hassles, install the software again, check genuine or not. Press F2 to rename.

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